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Public announcement on the implementation of the second round of central ecological environmental protection inspectors in 2023

According to the relevant requirements of the "Rectification and Implementation of the Rectification of the Rectification of the Rectification of the Rectification of the Central Ecological Environmental Protection Inspector of Heilongjiang Province (Interim)",Now Longjiang Mori Gong Group2023In the second round of the central ecological environmental protection inspector feedback, the implementation of the rectification of the rectification is publicized as follows。

1. Basic situation

Longjiang Mori Gong Group really takes the rectification of environmental protection inspections as a major political task,As support"Two Establishment"、Important test of "two maintenance",Resolutely implement the deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government on the Rectification of the Central Ecological Environmental Protection Supervision Issue,Persist in problem orientation,According to the requirements of the "Four Systems" working mechanism,Establishing a rectification work leadership group and work class、Develop a rectification plan、Refined rectification measures、Clarify the responsibility for rectification,Incorporate the rectification of feedback issues into the annual key work ledger,Implementation of problem list system and ledger management。The Party Committee of the Group has held many party committees、Research and deployment of special meetings,Careful implementation of environmental protection "party and government responsibility、One post and double responsibility BC gamesystem,Improve the Ecological Environmental Protection Objective Evaluation System,Perfectly promote rectification and implementation。

"Heilongjiang Province Implementing the Second Round of the Central Ecological Environmental Protection Supervision Report Rectification Plan" involves the Communist Party of Longjiang Mori Gong Group4Class6item task, as of2023year12Completed at the end of the month4Items, are performing sales numbers, other2item rectification task completed annual rectification tasks,When the order is reached。

II, the implementation of the feedback of the inspector

(1) Make every effort to promote the rectification of forestry participation issues。Group Party Committee established a work class and front line command team,Two consecutive years in Zhanhe Company to promote rectification。As of now,In addition to Zhanhe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.'s fire resistance zone, there is still except for ginseng land,All rectification tasks are completed。First is the question of feedback16342All acres are restored to vegetation,and fully complete the supplementary planting and supplement of the forest land destroyed land that all other sides can be found,Pass the provincial supervision and acceptance unit for inspection and acceptance; fire resistance barrier10523Mu in the gangster land, the participation area has been completed7182mu, where2022Completion of the annual reference3111acres,2023Completion of the annual reference4071acres,Complete annual goals,Pass the provincial supervision and inspection unit for acceptance。Second, Zhanhe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. and Wu Dalianchi Forestry and Grassland Bureau、Forestry Public Security Bureau Zhanhe Branch jointly blocks the front -line defense。At the same time, the management and protection houses and related management and protection equipment are added,Provide a solid guarantee for rectification work,Realize the total amount of ginseng planting BC gamein the total number of people ginseng for two consecutive years、"Double Zero" target for the new broadcast of Ginseng Miao Zero。Third is to actively promote the solution of contract matters。2022year12month8Day,Provincial People's Court of the People's Court of the Provincial People's Court of the People's Court invalidated with the participating farmers。2023year5month30Day,The second instance judgment agreement of the provincial forest district intermediate people's court is invalid。

(2) Effectively strengthen the protection of black soil arable land。Central Ecological Environmental Protection Supervisor Feedback Questions1670Cases of illegal land illegal land in black soil involved does not involve Longjiang Mori Gong Group,Danonggong Group improves the position,Active responsibility as,According to the deployment of "multiple measures to protect the black soil arable land, the panda in the cultivated land",To fully implement the forest system、Tian Chang System is the starting point,By strengthening the field inspection、Reasonably adjust the planting structure、Implement the pilot task of the rotation、Implementing the "three reductions" actions of agriculture、Promote the construction of high -standard farmland,Resolutely keep the number of black soil arable land、Improve the quality of black soil arable land、Improve the ecology of black soil arable land。

(3) Strict grasp of straw forbidden burning。Establish a sound and effectively solve the system of straw open -air incineration conference,The work mechanism of the straw burn management control and the field long system was formulated,Update and improved the grid management system,Paid and patrol work for the control of straw burnburning and control,The control of straw forbidden burning bc game casinohas achieved good results。

(4) Fully grasp the environmental protection transformation of the boiler。Feedback issues involved Morimong Group5Home Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.14Taiwan boiler,Reform has been completed at present,New facilities and equipment are put into operation。

3, work arrangement for the next step

Longjiang Senong Group will resolutely implement the Central and Provincial Party Committee、Provincial government deployment requirements,Further improves political standing,Trees"Forest Cao Xing is Ecological Fixing" concept,"The Great of the Country",Fully completed the follow -up rectification work of the central environmental protection inspection。

(1) further improve political standing。Careful implementation of the idea of ​​General Secretary Jinping's ecological civilization thought,Questions pointed out by the Central Environmental Protection Inspector、The deployment requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government,Deepen from ideological understanding、Improve,Deep understanding the extreme importance of strengthening the construction and environmental protection of ecological civilization,Resolutely carrying the political responsibility of ecological environmental protection,Political consciousness that effectively enhances the implementation of rectification and implementation、Thought consciousness and action conscious,Strengthen responsibility,Do a good job of rectification"The second half of the article".

(2) Pressing the main responsibility of the main body。The Party Committee of the Group resolutely fulfills the responsibility of the main body of the rectification,According to the requirements of the provincial rectification plan,Persist in partition、Classification、The time limit continued to advance the fire resistance zone of Zhanhe Grandline Fireburning BC gameBelt in the cucumber land.,Make sure2024year10Complete rectification at the end of the month。At the same time,"Looking back" for the completion of the rectification problem,Consolidate the effectiveness of rectification。

(3) Establish a sound long -term mechanism for ecological protection。Learn from the case,Comprehensively promote the implementation of the forest long system,Improve forest resource management、Nature Protection Management、Stalk forbidden burning、River and Lake Governance、System construction of ecological and environmental protection in garbage transfer treatment,Blocking vulnerability,CreateImprove long -term mechanism,Make sure that the rectification problem does not rebound、New problems will not appear。

Four, publicity time:2024year6month24Day to2024year6month28Day (Together5working days)

5、Acceptance Department: China Longjiang Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd.

6. Acceptance phone:0451-82630308

7. Acceptance address: Wenchang Street, Nangang District, Harbin66number

If there is any objection to the completion of the rectification task,Please use written or telephone form,Reflect to China Longjiang Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd.。The mailing of the mail is based on the postmark,Dedicated delivery of the delivery date shall prevail。



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