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About China Longjiang Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd., a public institution affiliated to Heilongjiang Forestry Vocational and Technical College of China

China Longjiang Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd.2023 "Heilongjiang Talent Week" recruitment recruitment is now entered the qualification review stage before the interview。According to the preliminary recruitment announcement, "Candidates' academic qualifications are master degree and above,Take an interview、A combination of medical examination and inspection。Application of the same position,The ratio of the number of people who pass the qualification review to recruiters is not less than 3: 1,If you can't reach this proportion,Reduce the number of recruiters in the post or cancel the job of the post。Special posts、Professional that requires shortages,After bc game apkresearch, you can appropriately reduce the proportion。"and other specific requirements,The relevant matters are notified as follows:

The person who intends to enter the interview should be according to the requirements,Must carry related materials,Reexamination of on -site interview qualifications before the interview。For the recruitment conditions、Can't provide proof of the college、The information about the information of the material is not true and affects the results of the interview qualification review.、Candidates who cannot participate in the interview qualification review on time,All eligibility for application。

I. Confirmation time of the interview qualification review

January 23, 2024 (9: 00-11: 30 am,13: 30-16: 30 pm)。

2. Interview Qualification Lest confirmation location

Cultural Street, Aimin District, Mudanjiang CityNo. 99 Heilongjiang Vocational and Technical College Library Library 306

3. Interview qualifications to confirm the required materials on the spot

1) "Application Form for Application Form for Application Forms BC gameof Heilongjiang Forestry Vocational and Technical College" (Candidates log in to the registration website to download and print。

2) My second -generation BC Game appvalid resident ID card original and photocopy 1。

3) Undergraduate、Master's degree、Dr.'s Graduation Certificate and Degree Certificate,Electronic registration filing form (Xuexin.com),2024 fresh graduates have not issued a graduation certificate、The degree certificate needs to provide the school that the school can obtain academic qualifications on schedule、proof of degree and research direction,The original and photocopy of the above materials。

4) "Heilongjiang Forestry Vocational and Technical College Public Recruitment Political Audit Form。

5) If you have the qualification certificate and title certificate related to the recruitment position,1 copy of professional and technical qualification certificates and photocopies。

6) Other related materials required by the post.

7) Candidates must download and print the "Candidates' Personal Integrity Notes" (Annex 1),Read and carry carefully,Qualification confirmed qualified personnel,Signed the "Candidates' Personal Integrity Notes"。

The above materials are not provided on time,It BC Game appis deemed to be automatically abandoning the interview qualification。

Examination qualification review materials are all usedA4 paper print or copy。The order of the order is neat。On -site qualification review,All kinds of documents、Certificate and other originals returned to the applicant himself,Recognition of the recruitment unit; Related Certificate and other materials archive for inspection,Do not refund。For the non -application conditions、Candidates who have falsely reported application materials or cannot be confirmed on the spot on time,Cancellation of interviews and employment qualifications。

4. Enter the interview qualification site to confirm the scope of personnel

China Longjiang Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd.2023 "Heilongjiang Talent Week" recruitment recruitment to enter the interview qualification review site confirmation list (attachment 2),List of 3 working days (January 18, 2024 to January 22)。

5. Other

Candidates confirmed by on -site qualification,Please pay attention to the notification of interview related matters issued by the registration website,No on time on time。

 Heilongjiang Forestry Vocational and Technical College

 January 18, 2024


Annex1: Candidates' personal integrity commitment .docx

Annex2: China Longjiang Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd., a public institution BC gameof Heilongjiang Forestry Vocational and Technical College, 2023 "Heilongjiang Talent Week" recruitment recruitment enters the interview qualification site confirmation list .xlsx

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