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China Longjiang Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd. and ownership enterprises openly recruit talent announcements
 China Longjiang Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Longjiang Senong Group) is a large state -owned public welfare enterprise,The Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government gives ecological construction、Industrial development and forestry investment functions。Registered capital1.730 billion yuan。Current,Total assets 24.462 billion yuan,The owner's equity is 10.691 billion yuan,Asset -liability ratio 56.3%。

Longjiang Mori Gong GroupThe total area of ​​forest operations in the key state -owned forest area under its jurisdiction65.857 million hectares,14%of the land area of ​​Heilongjiang Province,It is one of the main body of the Northeast Asian land natural ecosystem, which is Northeast"Big Grain" natural ecological barrier,It is an important national wood strategic reserve base,It is an important country for the country, Qianwa, grain depot and carbon.China Xuexiang, Longjiang Phoenix Mountain, Yabuli Ski Scenic Area...Big Forest, Big Ice and Snow, Big Wetland, Dajie River,It constitutes a huge primary ecological scroll that is colorful in MoriEvaluation of the Chinese Academy of Forestry,The total value of Longjiang Mori Forest and Wetland Resource Assets at the end of 2020 is 2.8 trillion yuan,The value of the annual ecological service is 516.2 billion yuan。

Longjiang Mori Gong Group is under the jurisdiction23 bc game casino reviewforestry bureau Co., Ltd. (390 forest farms)、15 professional group companies、13 city courtyard wall companies、2 Three Hospitals、4 forestry colleges and other enterprises and institutions。The key state -owned forest areas and ownership units under the jurisdiction across black、11 bc game casino reviewprefecture -level cities (autonomous states) distribution in the two provinces of Ji,Where,Black DragonJiang Province10 bc game casino reviewprefecture -level cities and 36 counties (cities) districts.

Longjiang Mori Gong Group has an extremely important position in the province's ecological construction and industrial development,Promoting ecological revitalization、In the strategic process of building a green Longjiang River, wearing a great historical mission,As the eldest son of the Republic,Historically made outstanding contributions to national construction。Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Longjiang Mori Gong Group fully implements the idea of ​​falling into the internship ecological civilization,Practice"Two Mountains" development concept,Around the Provincial Party Committee、The provincial government builds "six Longjiang"、Promote "Eight Revitalization"、Strategic deployment of constructing the "4567" modern industrial system,Established"Struggle for the Construction of Modern New Forest Gong",Proposal "Political Construction Enterprise、Ecological Enterprise、A rich enterprise in the industry、Cultural Runs、Talent Strong Enterprise、Minsheng Building Enterprise、French Discipline Governance Enterprise Policy,Implement "Seeing Seeing Seeing One Year,Three years up the step,Five -Year Development Strategy,Cultivate "Tree Trees、Core Core Cultural Cultural Culture,Fully Forge Ecological Construction Iron Army。Fusion of modern people's longing for a better life,Innovation provides high -quality ecological products,Forest Agriculture、Forest Agriculture、Forest Food、Chinese medicinal materials、Forestry Carbon Exchange、Forestry Carbon Exchange、Shedor vegetables and other industries are in the ascendant、Rich development。

According to the long -term strategic development needs of Longjiang Senong Group,FaceRecruitment from the societyThe announcement is as follows

I.Recruitment position

1. 10 management personnel;

2. 11 professional employees of the group headquarters;

3. 358 professional employees of the ownership bc game casino reviewforestry bureau Co., Ltd.;

4. 372 first -line employees of the ownership bc game casino reviewforestry bureau Co., Ltd.;

5. 167 in medical professional positions of ownership bc game casino reviewforestry bureau Co., Ltd.;

6. 86 employees of other ownership companies.


For details of salary and benefitsRecruitment positions and requirements, shall be implemented in accordance with the employer's recruitment position salary standards.

3,Qualification Conditions

(1) Good ideological and political quality,Resolutely support the leadership of the Communist Party of China,Compliance with the law,Have good morals and professional ethics。

(2) Integrity and law, integrity and career, strong career heartA sense of responsibility and rigorous work style.

3) Physical health and physical conditions with normal duties.

4) Ageand academic qualificationsFor details, please refer toRecruitment post requirementsAge Calculation Time CyneAnnouncement date.Graduated from the country (border) foreign institutions,There must be an academic degree certification from the Ministry of Education Service Center of my country。

5) Other conditions that meet the requirements of the job.

6) I and their spouse have nationality of the People's Republic of China.

Seven) One of the following situations may not register:

1.I have been punished for criminal punishment for crime;

2.If the party discipline and political discipline have not been lifted;

3.Those who have been expelled from their duties and students;

4.SuspectedThe violation of laws and discipline is being investigated and dealt with;

5.spouses and children have all moved to the country (border);

6.Integrated into the list of dishonestyes.

4. RecruitmentProgram

This recruitment entrusts third -party professional recruitment agencies to organize,The main process is:

(1) Online registration

1.This public recruitment is implemented online. Candidates please log inForever Website (http://campus.51job.com/ljforestFill in and submit it for resumeEach person can only apply for one post;

2.Registration timeDeadline2024Year1month19Day17:00

3.Candidates should ensure that the resume content is accurate、complete (including academic qualifications、Skills、Experience、Certificate and Title, etc.),Meeting to recruit posts,If it fails to complete and accurately fill in due to personal reasons, it is considered invalid registration;

4.Candidates should guarantee bc game casino reviewthe real and reliable application materials provided,If there are false,Cancel the employment qualification,Application personnel informationwillstrictly keep secret.

(2) Qualification review

Qualification review and resume screening synchronizationCandidates must upload relevant materials through the resume delivery port,Staff MeetingStrictly follow the requirements of the recruitment announcement to conduct qualification reviewQualification review runs through the entire recruitment link,ApplicationPersonnelThe authenticity of the submitted materials is responsible,Everyone who falsifies,Once verified,CancelApplicationQualification

(3) Ability test

According to the needs of recruitment positions, adopt ability evaluation,Written test, ability assessment, interviewand other methodsPerform. CandidatesAccording to the requirements of the receiving notice, participate in the corresponding linkCandidates who have not entered the next link will no longer send notifications。Candidates need to bring valid documents such as ID cards to participate on time。

(4) Determine the proposed candidate

According to recruitment positions,According toCorrespondingWeight, calculate the final score of the applicants,Public Recruitment Work Leading GroupThe employment opinion is proposed after a comprehensive assessment.According to relevant personnel management authority,Submit to the party committee meeting to study and determine。

(5) Physical examination

Unified organizational medical examination.

(6) Recruitment

The hire period is three years,Among them, the trial period is reasonably set according to cadre management authority. After the probation period expires, the person who has appraised the appraisal will officially serveDuring the trial period or after the trial period expires,Evaluation of the appraisal,Exempted trials。After the appointment period, the appraisal is the victor,You can continue to hire。

(7) Political Audit and Evaluation

According toRecruitmentPutting positions need,After the candidate is determined,The qualification review will be qualified for bc game casino reviewcandidates、Background Survey、File inspection and political review inspection。During the process, it was found that there was no hire conditions,Cancel the employment qualification。

5, other items

(1) Candidates must fill in the application carefully and truthfullyInformation。Due to the failure to fill in the information incomplete、There is an error,Candidates bear the responsibility;,Cancel application qualification。

(II) The person who to be hired mustProvide relevant materials that meet the recruitment procedures. If you cannot provide relevant proof, you will not be hired.

(3) This recruitment does not specify the test counseling book,Do not hold or entrust any institution to hold examination counseling training courses。Do not charge the registration fee during the recruitment process、Intermediary fee、Fee fee、Data fee or other fees。Please be vigilant for the majority of candidates,Prevent deception,I found out that we published false information in the name of our company,Can report the case directly to the local public security organs。Losses caused by fake recruitment for applicants,Our company does not bear any responsibility。For individuals or institutions that publish false recruitment information,Our company reserves the right to investigate legal responsibility。

4) Unpleasant matters and the final interpretation right belong to China Longjiang Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd.。


                                              China Longjiang Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd.   


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