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[Cultural Runs Enterprise] The movie "Forest in the North" from the Centennial Steam Train Scenic Area of ​​Hua Nan
2024-04-19    Wei Xin Zhang Xiuye    Hua Nan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.
  The noble character and family feelings of the intellectuals of the older generation of intellectuals are enthusiastic,Recent,The movie "Forest in the North" is performed at the centennial steam train scenic area of ​​Huanan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.。

  It is understood,The movie "Forest in the North" is the key movie of the Propaganda Department bc game apkof the Provincial Party Committee,Joint Photo by Heilongjiang Film Studio Co., Ltd. and Harbin Longjiang Film and Television Culture Development Co., Ltd.,It mainly tells that after the "Cultural Revolution", a life in a forest farm in the north is not much、But the old professor who is still very serious in life and work and some young people who do not like reading,After various interesting events,approach each other、Like,Finally, the touching story of teachers and students。The film was created by the famous writer Liang Xiaosheng,Directed by Li Wenqi, who has directed dramas such as "Qingshan Never Mo", "Lin Haixueyuan", "Jiao Yulu" and "Northeast bc game apkAnti -Japanese Allied Forces", directed by Li Wenqi,National first -class actor Wang Luoyong、Chu Zhibo、High Qiang、Starring Wang Jing。

  Director Li Wenqi introduced,The reason why you choose to view the scene in Huanan Forest District,It is because of the humanistic feelings here、Historical Culture、Natural scenery meets the needs of the plot。Forest Train in Hua Nan Forest District、Old -style cinema、Red brick tile houses and other scenarios are full of strong sense of the times,With the integration of these historical marks,It can show the difficult journey of entrepreneurship that year。The filming team also strives to make BC Game appthis film into a masterpiece that can enter the "Five One Projects" awards in the Central Propaganda Department。

  Xie Yongmin, Minister of Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Huanan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,Hualan Forest District Mori Gong's cultural heritage is strong,Provides the ideal shooting venue for the majority of film and television creators and literary photography enthusiasts。This time the "Forest Forest" led by the famous director Li Wenqi,will be comprehensive、Multi -perspective shows the ice and snow culture of Hua Nan Forest District and the unique humanistic landscape of the forest area,Recommended a century -old steam train tour BC Game appfor Hua Nanlin District、Promoting the popularity of the tourism industry and film and television shooting base of Hua Nanlin District has a profound impact。The relevant departments of Hua South Bureau will fully cooperate with the crew to carry out work,Provide convenient services for the crew,Safe shooting work smoothly。
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