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[Industry Rich Companion] Welcome to Spring: "Sweet" helps to ignite ice and snow "research fever"
2024-02-01    Lin Qiuru Hu Mingxia    Yingchun Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.


  This winter,With the popular circle of ice and snow tourism in Longjiang land,Longjiang also ushered in the "research fever" of the southern "small golden beans"。Recent,A "Little Litchi" research team from Shenzhen, Guangdong arrived in Hulin City,Yingchun Forestry Bureau bc game apkCo., Ltd. grasped the "hot opportunity" of ice and snow research,Take the "Yingchun Black Bee" series of products into the research activity site,Send "Sweet" temperature and New Year blessing for these small guests from afar。

  Activity site,The cadres and employees of the bee product company of Yingchun Bureau company have prepared a full gift for Shenzhen "Little Litchi",and distribute it to each "Little Litchi"。

  "In order to facilitate the research team to carry with you,Bee Product Company carefully selected a number of crickets and honey portable installations、Spoon honey as a gift,bc game apkIt is convenient for teachers and students to brew honey water during the journey。"The staff of the bee product company of Yingchun Bureau introduced。

  "What is the Black Bee"? "" Is it a black bee? "" This honey is delicious "...,"Little Litchi" loves honey and loves it,"Little Litchi" loves honey and loves it,The staff of the bee product company patiently answer the children,Johor them to "Yingchun Black Bee" brand development story,Scenery of a faction at the scene。

  "Recent,Longjiang's ice and snow tourism fever provides excellent opportunities for our product promotion,We will carry out a series of product promotion activities,Further expand the brand BC gameinfluence,For the product to develop a larger market space,At the same time, it also adds a touch of sweetness to the tourism of Longjiang。"Chen Dong, the person in charge of the bee product company of Yingchun Bureau company, said。

  This promotion activity,The Yingchun Bureau Company fully implemented the policy of wealthy enterprise of the party committee of Longjiang Mori Group,Specific practice of further enhance the popularity and influence of the "Heisen" brand、Specific measures。Next,The Spring Bureau will continue to seize the development opportunities of the ice and snow tourism season,BC gameTake the potential、Highlight the advantages of the green industry,bigger and stronger and stronger spring characteristic industries,Help Longjiang high -quality development、sustainable revitalization。

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