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China Longjiang Forest Industry (Group) Corporation Heilongjiang Provincial Forestry Industry General Administration

China Longjiang Forestry Industry (Group) Corporation (Heilongjiang Provincial Forestry Industry General Administration),Founded in 1962,With the largest state -owned key forest area in the country,The total area of ​​the industry area is 1098,000 hectares,BC Game app8.57 million hectares of forest land,Living Limu total 831 billion cubic meters,Forest coverage rate 85%,40 forestry bureaus under the jurisdiction of 10 cities across the province、37 counties。

Heilongjiang Senganglin District is an important treasure trove of resource resources in my country 。There are more than 500 wild animals in the jurisdiction ,More than 2,200 Wild Billy Wild Bastic,Rich mineral resources。60%of the ecological tourism resources in Heilongjiang Province are in Mori Gonglin District,The magical Xiaoxing'BC Game appan Ridge、Zhang Guangcai Ridge and the Gaoshan plant groups of the mountains are lush,It is a natural oxygen bar for people; 、Yabuli Ski Resort、Phoenix Mountain、Treasure Island、Wu Dadianchi、Jingbo Lake、Tangwang River Stone Forest and other more than 40 forest ecological key tourist boutique scenic spots,49 national -level provincial forest parks、2 National Geological Park and 10 Ski Fields,It constitutes the gorgeous landscape scroll。  

Highlights in Gonglin District, Gonglin District, Heilongjiang Province,bc game casinoThe natural forest created a rich forest food resources,The National Natural Forest Protection Project has promoted the transformation and development of the Mori Gonglin District,Planting and breeding industry、Forest Food Industry、Bei Pharmaceutical、Emerging industries mainly based on ecological resources utilization of health products are gradually rising,The economic development of the forest is rapid,Have a broad investment cooperation opportunity, The concept of win -win situation is the basis BC gameof cooperation,Stable benefits are the best rewards for investors。


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