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Introduction to the Xuexiang Tourist Scenic Area of ​​Dahai Forestry Bureau


Dahai Forestry Bureau's industry area total area of ​​266310 hectares,There is a forest land area 253629.6 hectares,Forest coverage 95.1%,The area of ​​cultivated land 30792 acres,Forest District Population 42585 people。Natural conditions are "Jiushan, half water and half a field",For less cultivated land,Forest、The characteristics of rich ice and snow tourism resources,Forestry Bureau established the development idea of ​​using forest ecological tourism as the leading industry,Focus on creating a new advantage in the ecological tourism industry,Among them, Xuexiang Scenic Area is the most famous。

"China Ice and Snow in Longjiang、Longjiang Shengxue in Xuexiang。"The original name of Xuexiang Tourist Scenic Area,The intersection of Zhang Guangcai Ridge and Laoye Ridge in the Changbai Mountains。It is affiliated with the Dahai Forestry Bureau of the Forestry Industry State Administration of Heilongjiang Province,is the core scenic area of ​​the forestry bureau to develop the tourism industry。The snow and snow scenery in Xuexiang Tourism Scenic Area is unique,Due to the old bald top Zishan、Bald Dingzi Mountain、Yunlong Mountain three alpine obstructions with above 1600 meters above sea level,The Japanese sea heating and humidity flow from the north and the cold air from Lake Baikal in the south frequently meet,Forms a unique climate with rich snowfall。Large snow here、Snow sticky、Snow period long,Snowfall starts from October each year to April of the following year,The snow period is as long as 7 months,The thickness of the snow bc game apkcan reach about 2 meters。Snow with the utensils,Qianzi hundreds,Created this fairy tale world,Is the world's unique、Unreproduced tourist attractions。

In Xuexiang,In addition to wearing Linhai、Cross Snowfield,Appreciate the beautiful scenery,You can also take a dog to pull the sled、Mara Slesles,Retrieve the true feeling of returning to the return。There are two places for comprehensive ski resorts in the scenic area,One place is the "August 1" ski training base for the Chinese People's Liberation Army in 1959,It is my country's famous alpine snow field,I trained Wang Jinfen、Yu Shumei and other large batches of sports athletes,Visitors can enjoy the training performance of the "August 1" ski team at the "August 1" ski resort,Look at the cool and heroic posture of Feiyan on the snow。The other is Xuexiang Ski Resort,Suitable for high mountain speed、amusement ski、Off -road ski、amusement ski,Tourists can interact with snow here,Experience the excitement and pride of the moment of experience。

According to the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government、Provincial General Administration of Technology's development strategic requirements for "cultivating the tourism industry into a pillar industry",In recent years,The Dahai Forestry Bureau is to strengthen the "platinum" industry for strengthening Xuexiang Tourism,Invest a lot of funds,Take a series of valid measures,Gradually develop Xuexiang into tourism、Folklore experience、Snow appreciation photography、film and television creation、Specialty Shopping in one,Traveling Scenic Area, a tourist area that is harmonious with nature and nature。April 1, 2014 Mori Gong System completely stopped the business of wood,Facing the needs of development in the new era,To accelerate the healthy and sustainable bc game apkdevelopment of Xuexiang's tourism industry,Forestry Bureau actively expands the entrepreneurial employment platform,Introduction to support policies to support employees and the masses to develop individual management of the tourism industry,Building 126 household hotels。Invest nearly 1 billion yuan,Power supply、Give the drain、Communication、Garbage treatment、Concentrated heating、Scenic Area Monitoring、Electronic ticket sales and access control facilities。Building Xueyun Pavilion Hotel、Featured folk hotel、Xuexiang Gallery、Xuexiang Life Food Supply Center、Woodcut Landscape Room、Ice and Snow Car Camping Base、Xuexiang Featured Product Exhibition and Latest、Heisen Green Food Sales Center China Xuexiang Flagship Store and other boutique projects。Continue to deeply dig in the connotation of ice and snow culture,Design and renovation of Xueyun Street has the characteristics of the forest area,Construction of Xuexiang Folk Culture Exhibition Hall、Xuexiang theme post office、Ai Shangxue Music Bar、Xuexiang Performing Arts Center and other cultural and entertainment projects。Introduction of Hi Snow Valley Hiking Crossing、Forestry folk experience and wildlife viewing。With "Internet+Tourism" as the core,Implement WIFI full coverage of the public area of ​​Xuexiang Scenic Area,Optimized the Xuexiang website、The structure of the WeChat public platform of Xuexiang、Content and product pattern。strengthened cooperation with major OTAs in China,Realized the distribution of electronic tickets of scenic spots、Smart Guide、QR code scan、BAT Pay、"WeChat shake a shake"、Electronic map navigation and other service functions。2015,To promote the standardization of the scenic area,Improve the reception service bc game casinoquality of home hotels,Forestry Bureau invested 5.23 million yuan,Construction of a washing center with an area of ​​2,530 square meters,Uniformly cleaning and disinfection of grass and catering utensils used in the scenic area,Implement "meals separation" management for family hotels that do not meet the standards for opening meals,effectively improved the public health environment of the scenic area。At the same time,In order to relieve the pressure caused by the increase in the service facilities of the scenic area due to the increase in tourists,Reduce damage to the ecological environment of the core scenic spot,Forestry Bureau takes Xuexiang Scenic Area as the core,increased the construction of the surrounding areas,Actively develop "Daxue Township" global tourism。

Current,Dahai Forest Tourism with Xuexiang as the core,It has developed into a pillar industry for corporate economic transformation and development。There are nearly 210 people with tourist management personnel,Arrange 830 employees for employees,304 households in individual business households,More than 2,000 employees。Tourism income has developed from a simple ticket income in the past to the current "eat、Living、line、Tour、Buy、Entertainment "comprehensive operation,drive the planting industry、Breeding、The development of the forest food industry。2013 Xuexiang Traveling 210,000,The output value of tourism reaches 161 million yuan,In 2014,Tourism output value is 250 million yuan,The number of tourists in Xuexiang in 2015 567,000,The output value of tourism reaches 540 million yuan。The number of tourists and income increase year by year,Realizing the income of enterprises,Employees get rich,Political stability in the forest area,Social Stability。formed a situation of BC Game apppopular entrepreneurial innovation and development,The tourism industry has entered standardized、rule of law、track of healthy development。

"China Snow Township" with its non -copying natural beauty and continuous improved tourism service facilities,attracted countless tourists at home and abroad to travel here,brand awareness and reputation have been improved。In October 2010, it was approved by the National Tourism Administration as a national 4A -level tourist scenic area。and won the "National Civilized Village"、"China's Top Ten Most Beautiful Villages"、"The most beautiful tourist destination in winter"、 2014 "Most Beautiful China" Top Ten Scenic Area、"Top Ten Brands of Heilongjiang Cultural Industry"、National Tourism Service Standardization Unit and other honorary titles。CCTV "year after year" Spring Festival special program,Walk into the live broadcast of Xuexiang for five consecutive years,2016 CCTV New Year's Eve "News Network" lists Xuexiang as headlines。CCTV News、Comprehensive、Finance、Agriculture、Legal system、Science and Education Channel and Italy、South Korea and other more than 40 countries、Regional and provincial and municipal mainstream media reports in depth of Xuexiang。"Where's Dad"、"Wisdom Taking the Weigo Mountain", including more than 20 popular columns and film and television works in Xuexiang, filmed。2016,"Beautiful China (2),Mudanjiang Xuexiang "general stamp starting ceremony is held in Dahai Forest,The 3rd China -Russia Expo held in Yekaterinburg, a snow -sale of Xuexiang booth, is popular and praised,China Xuexiang has become a forestry、The whole province、and even a travel business card in the country。China Xuexiang is reflecting into the eyes of the world with the beauty of Pian Ruoshong,Blooming development vitality and infinite charm!


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