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Introduction of Yabuli Ski Tourist Resort



Yabuli Ski Tourist Resort is located in Changbai Mountains、Xiaobai Mountain、Zhang Guangcai Ridge West Plata,Located in Yabuli Forest Park,10 square kilometers,From the large pot helmet at an altitude of 1374 meters、1258 meters two pot helmet、1000 meters of three pot helmets, three conjoined mountain peak composition。

1974,Ski Resort,1980 Provincial Sports Commission as a training base for ice and snow athletes,It was determined as a training for the National Antarctic Examination Team in 1984                                                                                                                                               Place training venue,In 2001, promoted to the National AAAA -level scenic spot。

1983 to 2016,Here has been successfully held here 9th domestic international competition,The 2016 World Singles Championship is also held here。

Since 2001,Has successfully held 16 "Chinese Entrepreneurs Forum",Yabuli Ski Tourist Resort is determined to be permanent meeting address,Known as "China Davos"。

Here,Green Museum,Natural Big Oxygen Bar。Natural landscape Qili,Ecological environment excellent。Forest coverage 96%,Cube bc game apkcentimeter negative oxygen ions can reach up to 50,000,Unique landform,The climate is clear for four seasons。The resort has a five -star level、Three seats each,Ecological Folk Village 36 Building,Apartment Hotel 7 Block,80 stars of wooden house villas,Farmhouse、Lin Jiale 32,Service items and facilities together,Daily reception capacity reaches 6,000 people。

Here,Summer resort,Health Paradise。Relying on forest resources is good、Negative oxygen ion high、Unique advantages of the excellent ecological environment,2015 Deep Development and Construction Summer Travel Products,Create a four -season tour pattern。

Planning and Design of the top domestic companies,A Buli Snow Mountains and Water World, which covers an area of ​​33.8 hectares,12 entertainment product portfolio with four major areas,It is currently the largest water park in Asia; Heilongjiang's first large professional mountain bicycle theme park is settled in Yabu strength fake area。188 kilometers of circuit lane lane mountain bicycle park,It is the first domestic Class A -class professional mountain bicycle race mountain bicycle park; hot spring bath、Healthy Pension、Chinese medicine bc game apkhealth、Kang Sports Entertainment,Yabbu's Holiday Area Hot Spring Health Museum carries all times,1600 meters、33.7 degrees of water out of water、about 15 tons per hour of water flow; the National Treasure Grand Panda Pavilion Anya's Apuba Force Holiday Zone,Become a Longjiang "One Story",Relying on Yabuli to enrich animal and plant resources,Development and construction takes into account species protection、Popular science education、Scientific research、Leisure and Entertainment and other multi -functional forest zoo (Panda Pavilion); 8.8 kilometers of sightseeing plankwa,With a complete virgin forest landscape; the world's No. 1 Slip (Qiangshan Drought Slesles),Slider 2680 meters (the longest in the world),Digest 540 meters,42 curve,Stimulation Very,Stimulation Very。

Here,Ice and Snow World,Ski Resort。Realizing "Sanshan Internet in 2014、Snow Road is connected、Converse ropeway、Ski Valuation One Card ",End 20 years of division、Each is political history,Implement one card in hand,Slip through Sanshan。46 scholarship now,Among them, 8 high -level roads,24 intermediate roads,Elementary Road 11,3 Special Road (1st Snow Snow Road、U -shaped slot snow channel 1、1 bc game apkstage jump),Total length 88.8 kilometers,Among them, 50.8 kilometers of Takayama Snow Road、Ski training ground 8 kilometers of snowway、30 kilometers of off -road snow channels; 25 ropeways、18.9 kilometers; the maximum gap of the Snow Snow Road is 900 meters,Leisure Tourism Snow Road's maximum difference is 600 meters,The longest single snow road is 5 kilometers long,Snow 16000 payment。

2015,Fully rely on the width of the terrain、Light strong、Wind speed、Slope steep、Mountain insurance environment,China Merchants Development Yabubi Portal Pot Helmet Mountains South Po、Dongpo Snow Road is nearly 50 kilometers,Vertical maximum gap 870-910 meters,13 pieces of ropeways in hanging chairs and cranes,After completion, 33900 people can be accommodated at the same time。At that time,Snow channel reaches 100 kilometers,Yabuli will enter the world to maximize the snow field,Become the largest snow field in Asia。

Here,Integrity operation,Human Service。Established the official website of the Yabu Power Holiday Area,Build a "North State Tour" integrated marketing platform,On the unified official website,Can complete the reservation of the entire travel process,Provide tourists with bc game casinocomprehensive convenience、Quick Service。Unified official platform,Provide a credible official website guarantee for tourist enthusiasts,Construct a fair and fair sales price system。

Here,Deep cultural heritage,Special Tourism Fashion。Shang Zhiya Buli has a long revolutionary history accumulation。Is the birthplace of the true culture,National Hero Zhao Shangzhi ignite the anti -Japanese flames here,Zhao Yiman, a scholar, is here。Zhao Shangzhi、Zhao Yiman、Li Zhaolin、Feng Zhongyun and other anti -Japanese celebrities and the deeds of national heroes are well -known,Knowing ears。Long novel "Yougu Demon"、"Zhao Shangzhi"、"People who do not want to be slaves"、"Zhao Yiman"、"Storm and Rain" and other literary masterpieces,There is also a land reform culture、Kanto Culture has created a strong cultural atmosphere for the vigorous development of tourism,Let tourists "Shu Chang" during the period of "Shu Shuang Yabuli"、Smooth "Flong"、"Huan Chang" played、Le of the Le of Le "。








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