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[Cultural Runs Enterprise] Shuangyashan: The first National Wind Culture and Art Festival in Qingshan was successfully held
2024-05-23    Yu Hongkun Li Mingzhi    Shuangyashan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

Jiabin in the list,Jiabin in the list,Songfeng Ming poultry,Jiabin in the list。May 19,On the occasion of the 14th "China Tourism Day",Shuangyashan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. and Lingdong District Cultural Tourism Bureau of Shuangyashan City jointly organized the "Inheritance Guofeng,Yiyun Qingshan -the first National Wind Culture and Art Festival of Qingshan ""。The event runs through the various landscapes of Qingshan National Forest Park with traditional cultural elements、Attractions,BC gameProvided the experience of immersive Chinese traditional cultural scene experience for the majority of tourists。


10 am,Traditional literary performances kick off the prelude,Martial Arts Performance "Dragon Dance Taiji" is like a silver bottle break,Call the audience voice,Dragon Flag Roll,Gongs and Drum Zhen Tian,Dancers are healthy、Flying Flying,Raise hands and feet to show the totem charm。"Get up seven star stoves,Copper pot boiled Sanjiang,Play the Eight Immortals Table,entertaining the sixteen parties ... "The" Shajiabang "," Denuo "and" Red Lantern "and other selected paragraphs of the Beijing opera performance artists,Take the audience's thoughts back to the flames of the fire war.,Jointly review the magnificent and iron horses glacier of this land。




"I have particularly liked Peking Opera since I was a child,"Shajiabang" bc game casinodoes not know how many times he listened to the radio。I really didn't expect today,Can be in the Qingshan tourist area of ​​Shuangya Mountain,Seeing the teachers from the Beijing Theater performed on the spot,I'm so happy。"Uncle Song said。

Guess the word solution,Guess the word solution、Go game、Non -heritage display、Non -heritage display、Shooting bodytest、Putting a pot and other traditional cultural activities,attracted a large number of tourists to stop and play,Watching natural landscape、Enjoying the forest ecological oxygen bar,immersed experience ancient style,Feel the unique charm of Chinese excellent traditional culture。


"I heard that we have a national style activity in Qingshan,Special intention to take children to participate,I watched calligraphy performances and Go games with my children,experienced bc game apkthe pot and archery,It feels particularly good,Also allowed children to experience the extensive profoundness of Chinese excellent traditional culture。And the natural environment of our Qingshan Scenic Area is particularly good,Fresh air that allows children to breathe more ecological oxygen bars。"Ms. Zhang said。


To carry out the smooth development of the guarantee activity,Shuangyashan Branch of the Provincial Public Security Bureau of Forestry District、Active organizational staff of Hospital of Shuangyashan Forestry Bureau,Plan in advance、Careful deployment、Coordinated with each other、Pocket cooperation,"Fine、Fine、Yan、Real work standards,Film completed the logistics support service work,Ensure that the order of the scenic area on the day of the event,Visitors are satisfied with。

Mountain green water green,Living in it。This BC Game appevent is the intersection of the unique ecological culture of Chinese excellent traditional culture and the forest area,It is also the solid steps of Shuangyashan Bureau Company towards the beautiful vision of "Harmony of Man and Nature"。Next step,Shuangyashan Bureau will continue to focus on the main responsibility,Earnestly implement the work deployment of the party committee of the group,firmness is green in Shuangya Mountain Forest District、Water is more clear、The goal of people's life is happier and advances.。

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