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[Cultural Runs Enterprise] All parts of forest areas: Reading Lighting Smart Book Fragrant Forest District
2024-04-24    Reporters from all over the forest area    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

A good book,It's like a door of wisdom,Not only the spiritual pleasure brought to us,There is a collision of the soul。To promote the in -depth development of reading activities for the whole people,When the 29th World Reading Day is approaching,Longjiang Mori Gong Group's ownership units actively carry out a variety of "World Reading Day" theme activities,Create a good learning atmosphere for the whole people。

"Reading let me open the window of wisdom,Keep opening the field of vision、Growth talent,I want to draw power in the book,Internalization of reading into daily habits,Reading to think、Reading Promotion Bank,Contribute youth and wisdom to the development and construction of the forest area。"The 29th" World Reading Day "reading sharing meeting held at Chaihe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,College student and employee Su Langxuan Reading shared the wonderful chapter of the book "Flying with Youth -Action is the Trivation"。

At Chaihe Bureau Company,College students and employees BC Game appto share good books every week have become the norm,Everyone sat together to talk about reading experience,Growing knowledge in communication learning、Refining Character,Courage to take responsibility at work,Fight as Pioneer,Let "Xingxing Watch" becomes a booster for high -quality development in the forest area。





In order to continue to advance in -depth reading,Create love reading、Read a good book、A good atmosphere of reading,Hailin Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Street Office through recommendation reading a good book、Share sharing、Classic recitation and other forms have carried out "Boshu incense Views Beautiful" reading and sharing activity。

In the event,Employees have carefully selected their favorite books from the employee book house,Some employees bring "red classic" books,Discuss "Red Story" with everyone,Some chose literary works,Share and read the wonderful paragraphs and touching stories of them。Everyone sitting together,Communicate with each other reading experience,Share the joy and harvest brought by reading。

"World Reading Day" on the same day,Hua Nan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Youth League member Youth League of Youth to use work leisure time,Read related professional books at the Huarin Library,and use WeChat group、Friends circle、QQ group、Douyin、Weibo and other communication bc game apkchannels,Share learning experience。Colorful reading online and offline,Stimulated the enthusiasm for reading for party members and cadres and employees of Hua Nanlin District,Everyone said,To develop a good habit of long -term reading,Really transform the perception in the book into work、The inexhaustible motivation of learning and life。







In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses of cadres and employees,Stimulate enthusiasm for reading for the whole people,Dahai Forest Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. held the launch of the "Core Cultural Cultivation Year" and "Shuxianglin Hai Yan Runson Gong"。Classic ancient poems、Dance、Performance of Scenario Poems,Lead the audience to find the magnificent of Wanli River Mountain in the remosive classic、Feeling the power of the thousand -year text。Dahai Forestry Bureau Company is still on WeChat public account、Video numbers and other platforms open the "Lin Hai Shu Sheng" column,Show Reading Short Video、Reading Audio,Promote the reading agency of the whole people、Enter the forest field、Enter the team、Enter the community、Enter the family,Winter the people's hearts of the forest area with the cultural power of the moisturizing objects,Solidarity and struggle on the company、Concentric circle of entrepreneurship in officers。




"No books in life,It bc game apkseems that there is no sunlight; there is no book in wisdom,It seems like a bird has no wings ... "In the theme activity of the World Reading Day,Tongbei Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Qianlin Farm cadres and employees share their favorite books,And explained the main content and recommendation reasons for the book。Talk about some chapters or paragraphs that you like,They read it emotionally to everyone here to listen,Some people also share their experiences with their experiences,The atmosphere of the event scene is warm,Cadres and employees have gained knowledge in a laughter,Feeling happiness。

Linkou Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. while carried out the "good book reading" reading sharing event,Still in the "Book Xianglinkou" Book Friendship Group,Recommend books with online video display、Introduction Book Content、Read the classic fragments,Voice of the classic scenarios with the sound of emotions,Let the reader talk to the characters in the book,Attentive、Taste the charm in the book with love,Wake up reading interest、Experience the joy of reading。



Rehe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. held a reading challenge,Employees formed a team,Common challenge reading target。Competition scene,Players read books and read books,After 2 hours of reading,Enter the answering detection time。The development of BC Game appthe event not only cultivates the reading habits of employees,It also enhanced the team cohesion。Players have expressed,It hasn't been so immersive for a long time for a long time,I enjoy this process very much,I hope to organize such meaningful activities。


In the provincial forestry health school,The school Youth League committee leads all league cadres into the school library,Carry out the "Good Book Accompaniment Book Frank Campus" reading activity。Under the explanation of the book administrator,Students fully understand the search of the book、Sequence、Book types and other knowledge。A large number of classic works aroused the students' strong reading interest,Borrowed books that have been borrowed into class,Read with students、Appreciation。




Next,Provincial Forestry Health School will take this reading activity as an opportunity,Carry out more reading activities,Increase the cultivation of students' reading ability,Let the strong book incense overflow the entire campus。

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