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[Cultural Runs Enterprise] Mori Gongxing City Sanatorium Company held a "job learning Lei Feng、Dedication in the Mori Gong "Volunteer Service Starting Ceremony
2024-04-18    Yue Xiaoxiang    Mori Gongxing City Sanatorium

Recently,Mori Gongxingcheng Sanatorium Co., Ltd.、Dedication in the Mori Gong "Volunteer Service Starting Ceremony,BC Game appIt aims to inherit and promote the spirit of Lei Feng,Further stimulate the enthusiasm of the company's employee officers to start a business,Contributing to the construction of a modern Xintong Gong in the construction of modernization。

Starting ceremony scene,Volunteer service teams composed of more than 50 company employees sang "The Volunteer March",Company leaders awarding flags for volunteer service teams,and encourage players to turn love into action、Turn the belief into strength,BC gameLet Lei Feng's spirit sustainable。



After the launching ceremony is over,The volunteer service team is divided into multiple groups to carry out volunteer and love activities。On both sides of the road,Team members hold garbage bags and clips,Clean the cigarette butt、Paper Scraps、Plastic bags,Do not let go of the garbage in every corner; in the lawn、Green Belt and other places,Team members use professional tools,Pruning、flat、Remove weeds and debris;,The team members are under BC Game appthe guidance of professionals,Everyone cooperates with each other,Dig pits、Planting、backfill、Cover the soil,Planting every green tree。With everyone’s joint efforts,The surrounding environment of the nursing home has become cleaner、Tian Jie。

Everyone said,Take the launching ceremony as an opportunity,Vigorously promote the spirit of Lei Feng,Will help others、Monomic dedication integrates into daily work and life,Efforts to forge a responsibility、Ecological Iron Army that BC gameovercome difficulties,Strive for the construction of modern Xintong Lord!

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