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[Talent Strong Enterprise] Hua Nan: Charging and storage forging "Iron Army" to learn to promote the ability
2024-04-12    Sun Xiaoyu Sun Zhen    Hua Nan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

To improve the majority of party members and cadres、Comprehensive quality ability of college students,Fully Forge Ecological Iron Army,Recent,Hua Nan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. held a middle -level leading cadre、Comprehensive ability of college students' comprehensive ability improvement training class,Methods such as "centralized training+group discussion+theme practice" and other methods,Further expand the vision of students' thinking,Improve the ability to perform duties。

Training,From the Party BC Game appSchool of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee、Harbin Municipal Party Committee Party School、Mori Gong Party School and experts from relevant universities、Professor,From the 20th major report of the party、official document writing skills,With their deep professional knowledge and rich work experience,Combined with the actual work of the forest area,Carry out targeted training。


A vivid and practical field for a field、Special counseling full of dry goods,further strengthened the theoretical armed and business skills of the students。Everyone listens to it sometimes,Sometimes hard work,The learning atmosphere is strong。

"The teaching content of the experts and professors from experts is small and big、from the table and the inside,Bring us a comprehensive and profound knowledge feast and a puppet meal for ideological collisions,benefit me BC Game appa lot。"Student Zhang Xingyi said。

"More than a hundred years ago,Chen Wangdao was deeply infected by Marxism's truth during translation of the "Declaration of the Communist Party",So that dipped in ink to eat rice dumplings,Also said that the taste is very sweet,Later, the phrase ‘the taste of truth is very sweet’. The phrase of the truth is spread and widely known ... ”In the theme practice activity,Students come to the home of the party member of Huarin,Listen to the red cultural story、Understand the glory of the party,Open a red research for learning and understanding。

Students also came to Nongsheng Garden Food Co., Ltd. to visit the production and processing process of Perilla products,Detailed understanding of the development of the purple Soviet industry,They watch while walking、Ask while listening、Learn while learning,Further bc game apkstimulated the enthusiasm of building a modern Xintong Gong。



During the exchange seminar,All students combined with the content learned,Contact work Actually talk about questions、Word Experience,Xianliang strategy、Plurning Development,Carry out warm discussions、Listen to the suggestions of all parties,Both deep understanding of the essence of the training content,Also found the direction for future development。

Wang Yuanhui, a college student, said,I found the "Golden Key" to solve the problem in the discussion and exchange,Master the new method of opening the situation,It will transform what they have learned into a practical achievement to promote the high -quality development of Hua Nanlin District,Contributing youth for accelerating the construction of a modern Xinton Gong。

Next,Hua South Bureau bc game casino reviewwill continue to take the middle -level leading cadres、Education and training of college students as an important project to catch,According to different industries、Different positions,Tailoring of the corresponding learning "package",Effectively help the majority of party members and leaders、College student talent supplement shortcomings、Strong and weak items、Make ability,To forge a new era Longjiang Mori Ecological Iron Army、Construction of modern new forest workers' new forces。

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