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[Talent Strong Enterprise] Shuangya Mountain: Study Models of Times Currency for Forge for Endoring
2024-07-08    Liu Bo    Shuangyashan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

To give full play to the role of demonstration and leading role,Recent,Shuangyashan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. party committee organizes to learn from the theme of the glory deeds of Shen Jilan,Stimulate the majority of party members and cadres in the forest area to further inherit the red gene、赓 Continuous red blood、firm ideals and beliefs。

The film "Shen Jilan" is adapted from the real bc game casino reviewdeeds BC Game appof Comrade Shen Jilan, the winner of the Republic of the Republic,The film fully shows Comrade Shen Jilan's heart in rural areas、Love is the legendary life of farmers; praise Comrade Shen Jilan hard struggle、Faithful performance、The lofty character of the mind is the masses; the comrade Shen Jilan as an excellent Communist Party is loyal to the party、The firm will of loyalty to the people,Is strengthening party spirit education、Vivid textbooks of firm ideals and beliefs。

A red heart belief for life,A vow answering a lifetime。During the entire movie viewing process,Fully concentrated on all party members and cadres,immersed acceptance of loyalty education for the party,Everyone witnessed BC gamethe glorious life bc game casinoof Comrade Shen Jilan,The advanced bc game casino reviewdeeds of Comrade Shen Jilan deeply moved,Stories that touch the soul one by one,A true love words,A scene of encouraging people,Passing the strong sense of responsibility and mission of Comrade Shen Jilan to the people of Xigou to every party member and cadre of the movie。


Zhou Weiqi, employee of the Human Resources Department of BC Game appShuangyashan Bureau Company, said: "As a Mori youth in the new era,We must learn her firmly listening to the party、The firm belief of walking with the party is unwilling to follow the party; learn her root in the countryside、Serving the people of the people; learning her to speak for the people、The lofty style of doing BC Game appthings for the masses,Based on bc game casinothis post、Courageous Innovation,Faithful performance、Active dedication,Contribute youth for the development and construction of the Mori Gonglin District。”

"I hope this movie watching activity,Everyone can take Comrade Shen Jilan as an example,Learn her loyalty to the party、Excellent quality of selfless dedication,Inherit and carry forward the model of model,Responsibility as、overcome difficulties,Love Gang dedication、Gan Yu Dedication,To promote the high -quality development of the forest area、Make an example。"Liu Zhe, Deputy Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Company。

Learn from examples,Along BC gamewith typical typical。Next,The Party Committee of BC Game appShuangyashan Bureau Company will vigorously promote the spirit of model workers,Give full play to the role of the model to drive the role,Education guidance to the majority of party members and cadres to see the wisdom、Drawing spiritual nutrition,To promote the high -quality development of the forest area, gathers the majesty。

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