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​​[Talent Strong Enterprise] Youth Qi Lai Dream Forest District、He Li: Carry out pre -job training for newly enrolled college students
2024-06-20    Wei Xiaoyan Feng Dajun    Tongbei, Heli Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.
  To further strengthen the construction of the young employee team,Comprehensively improve its comprehensive quality and ability to perform duties,A few days ago,Tongbei、Heli Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. held a new training course for new college students and employees。

        Tongbei Bureau Company's newly enrolled college student employee training activities are rich in content、Diverse forms,Including an employment ceremony、Business training、Patriotic Education and other links。Training invites bc game casino reviewthe leaders of the relevant departments of the Tongbei Bureau Company and the backbone of the business,Content covers the company's development process、Corporate Culture、rules and regulations and job responsibilities。The taught "Lin Yanlin language" unique to the people of the forest area,Pass to the new college students and employees to send a treasure、How to solve the confusion,Help them understand the company's profile、Integrated into the company culture、Familiar with the company's business,The transformation from students to the people of the workplace smoothly。

   Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Tongbei Bureau Company、Qu Zhaofeng, Chairman of the Trade Union: "Learning is adapting to the new situation、The urgent need for the new task,Reinforcement learning is the actual needs of building a high -quality talent team。I hope to guide everyone BC gameto learn through training、Learning to enlightenment、Learn to have something,Realize the transformation from students to qualified employees as soon as possible。”

   Training last,Tongbei Bureau Company Students and Employees walk into the Party Member Education Center,Further understand the party’s glorious journey,Received patriotic education,Houzhijiaguang Core、Restriction of Effective Character,Further stimulated the prosperity of the country、The enthusiasm of the development of youth in the development of the forest area。

  "I will bring this training harvest,With fuller enthusiasm and professionalism,Invest in the company’s various tasks,Contribute to the company's high -quality development。"Liu Xinyu, a newly -employed college student employee, said。


        Heili Bureau Company's newly enrolled college student employee training course for 8 days,Use full closed、Semi -military bc game apkmanagement mode,Methods "theoretical teaching+on -site training",Focus on patriotism education、Party discipline learning education、Party affairs、Political Theory、Enterprise structure、rules and regulations、Ecological construction related knowledge, etc., conduct comprehensive system training teaching。Students also discuss and share the daily curriculum content,Experience what you learn from each other,Study together、Common growth、Make your mind with heart、During the process of experience,,Deeply understood the main responsibility of the people of the forest area,Clearly recognize the glorious mission of Mori workers。

  During the training period,All the students also held a flag -raising ceremony,Concentrated watching "Longjiang Forest Gong -the Republic will not forget", "Eight Bai", "Continuous Power Promotion" and other films and special bc game casino reviewfilms,Enhance the will of solidarity in the infection of the lens screen、firm "Iron Army" spirit,Planting patriotism,Building a solid defense line for refusing corruption and defense。

  All the students also came to the company's nursery and 8 forest farms (programs) for field observation,Introduction to the person in charge、Demonstration、Under guidance,Draw knowledge,Accumulated experience。Everyone has said that the results of learning will be better integrated into the specific work of the future,Fighting the mainstay of the new generation of forests as soon as possible。

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