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[Lin Hai Xingkong] Ma Jinlong: Do not admire the guards of Lin Hai Anlan
2024-06-28    Wang Tianchi    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

Frequently wearing the Mori Anti -Iron Army's camouflage,Smile a little shy,But talk about work,The attitude becomes rigorous right away ... This is many people who have been in contact with the impression of Ma Jinlong。



2020,Ma Jinlong joined the Longjiang Mori Gong Group for social recruitment,An ordinary employee of the Forest Fire Department,Spring and Autumn "Battle" fire prevention,Summer Warfire Flood,Participating in safety production in winter has become his daily work。To do a good job of forest fire prevention,Ma Jinlong, who is a professional background from mechanical machinery,Laws and regulations such as the "Forest Law", "Safety Law", "Fire bc game casinoFighting Law", "Heilongjiang Provincial Forest Fire Regulations", "Heilongjiang Provincial Fire Regulations" and other laws and regulations, as well as related documents issued by superiors as cases.,To facilitate "charging" at any time,At the same time, I continue to learn other regions through various channels、Fire experience of the unit。"These are the stone of our forest fire prevention work,All are the ‘magic weapon’ ‘magic weapon’ ‘magician’,I learn more,It can also make Linzi safer。"Ma Jinlong said。

Forestry Thousand Day Gong,Burning on the day of the air。Longjiang Mori workers know the importance of forest fire prevention,As a forest fire prevention department,24 -hour duty duty duty assistant group headquarters properly handle emergencies,It has also become a major feature of their work。



During the year,Forest Fire、Flood Control Emergency has a 9 -month duty period,Ma Jinlong has at least 10 days a month and 5 bc game casino reviewplaces.,Upload all kinds of information,To be accurate、Timely。

Although the forest fire prevention period has passed safely this spring,But when it comes to April 21,Ma Jinlong still has a lot of heart: "That day,I don’t know how to,More than 200 fire insurance alerts a day,The prompt system has collapsed,Just my duty,I feel that the whole person seems to be smoking,I am afraid that there is an accident。”

As a member of the forest fire prevention work,Ma Jinlong has also been used to this urgency of this kind of secondary time。In order to ensure the hot spots of fire、Early disposal,2024,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Innovation formulation and implementation within 10 minutes confirmed the receiving hotspot inspection task,Arrive at the hot spot of the fire within 1 hour,Smart forest hot hotspots to complete the fire hotspot inspection and disposal within 2 hours of 2 hours quickly verify the "112" mechanism。



More than four years of work,Ma Jinlong participated BC gamein the adjustment of the group's Forest Finger Organization Members and the Bao Bao Liabian area; in accordance with the "three lists, one commitment" mechanism,Established a detailed list of responsibility、task list、Supervision list,Formulated the "Longjiang Mori Gong Group Grid Management Plan",Implementing Group、Forestry Bureau Company、Forest Farm、7,280 responsible persons in charge of the four -level grid guarantee of the management and guardians; in the formulation of the forest fire prevention system,Innovation formulated forest fire prevention、Forest Fire Flowing、Facilities and equipment、13 management measures such as material reserves,Forest Fire Team、Building Tower Construction、9 business standards such as the construction of the Mori Defense Command Center,Standardized management assistance for the group's forest fire prevention work。Now the "Ten Boxes and Ten Volumes" internal industry unified templates BC gamein the "Group Corporation" in the "Group Corporation" widely used in Longjiang Mori Forest District,Forest Firefighters in the Forest District A "Forest Fire Fire Safety Work Manual" ... There are also Ma Jinlong's efforts behind it。



Malaysian Dragons in the job、Diligence,Being able to complete the tasks assigned by the leader,Get highly recognized by leaders and colleagues。Life,Recently, Ma Jinlong has also gained it and will be a father "good news"。

Facing the future,Ma Jinlong said,As a new generation of Mori workers,He will always keep in mind the glorious mission of protecting forest resources,Make forward the ecological iron army spirit at all times,Use youth and wisdom,Contributions to the construction of modern Xintong Gong。

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