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[Mori Gong News] Provincial Students of Forestry Health School won the Gold Award of the Provincial Contest
2024-04-10    Niu Fangfang    Heilongjiang Forestry Health School


Recent,from the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Heilongjiang Province、The Second National BC Game appRural Revitalization Vocational Skills Contest hosted by the Provincial Agricultural and Rural Department, Heilongjiang Province Tournament was held in Harbin City。After fierce competition,Gao Jie, a student from Heilongjiang Forestry Health School, won the Gold Award for Pension Nursing Tournament。



According to an introduction,This trial aims to play the role of professional skills competition,Building bc game apkrural skills talent display skills、Platform for learning skills,Promoting the spirit of model workers、Labor Spirit、Craftsman's Spirit,Cultivation creates a sufficient number、Reasonable structure、Good quality rural rejuvenation skills team,Provide a solid skills support for rural revitalization。Pension care contests mainly examine the players' care in the daily life of the elderly、Health bc game casinocare、Professional abilities in psychological guidance。



Heilongjiang Forestry Health School will take this competition as an opportunity,Constantly promoting education and teaching reform,Actively exploring the innovative path of the training of vocational education talents,Effectively improve the training of high -quality technical and technical talents,Contribute to the high -quality development bc game casino reviewof the pension industry。


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