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[Talent Strong Enterprise] Shuangya Mountain: Choose Xian Renren "competing" show!
2024-03-20    Yu Hongkun Li Shuainan    Shuangyashan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

To strengthen the construction of the cadre team,Greed up the channels and methods of selecting and using the middle management BC gamepersonnel,Further enhances the enthusiasm of cadre officers to start a business、Activity and creativity,Stimulate enterprise development vitality and endogenous power,March 13,Shuangyashan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. held a lecture conference for middle -level management positions。

The position of this competition includes the director of the comprehensive office、20 middle -level management positions such as the Director of the Department of Management。Speed ​​on the scene,23 candidates came to the bc game casinostage in order to compete for speech,Everyone uses data to talk about actual results、Talk about the future with actual dry、Talking with speculative measures,Comprehensively showing the vigorous vitality of party members and cadres in the forest area、Framented for Agreement、The spiritual style of hard work。The judges were asked on the spot with the characteristics of the bidding position,and scoring according to the comprehensive situation bc game casino reviewof the speech of the competitors。


"This competition aims to select a batch of dare to take responsibility、Reactions、Excellent talents who have achieved performance,Implementing ‘those who can have their own position、A good choice and employment orientation of the best person to improve,Create an excessive ability、Good style、Emphasized high -quality middle -level cadre team,Provide a solid organizational guarantee for the company's high -quality development and BC Game appthen go to a new level。"Zhang Anli, Minister of the Party Committee of Shuangyashan Bureau Company, said。


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