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[Talent Strong Enterprise] Shuangyashan: Strengthening party affairs training to build a ideological fortress
2024-03-01    Yu Hongkun Li Shuainan    Shuangyashan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

   In order to further improve the ability, quality and business level of party workers,Recent,Shuangyashan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Party Committee held 2024 party workers' business BC gameability improvement class,More than 80 party workers in each unit participated in training。



   In the training class,The person in charge of the company's relevant departments and the backbone of the party's work business revolves around 2023,Sure summary of the problems in the current party building work,Combined with cases and experience sharing,To further improve the quality of party building work at the grassroots level、Improve the work method of party building at the grassroots level、Consolidate the daily bc game casinofoundation of the party building in detail。

   During the training period,The trainees also visited the archives room of the People's Hospital of Shuangyashan Forest District,Learn a good experience、Good approach,and explore through extensive exchanges and in -depth discussions,Further expand work ideas,Reached each other's understanding、Learn from each other、The expected target that is raised together。



   It is understood,The Party Committee of Shuangyashan Bureau Company attaches great importance to the bc game apktraining of party affairs,Careful design teaching plan and training plan,Combining theoretical knowledge with actual work,Effectively improved the efficiency of party building work,provides a strong organizational guarantee for the company's high -quality development。

   Students have expressed,It will further strengthen the mission and responsibility,Condensing "new" consensus,Gathering "new" power,New knowledge I learned、New ideas、New methods integrate into work,Effective BC gametransformation into an inexhaustible motivation for party building,Contribute to promoting the company's high -quality development。

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