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[Cultural Runster] Longjiang Mori Gong -My beloved heart hometown
2024-04-18    Xu Guifeng    

Early morning

I stand on the top of Fenghuang Mountain

Looking up for a thin sunrise

Overlooking the peaks and mountains that are thousands of miles

Take a sip of refreshing heart spleen

拈 a ray of clouds sliding through the fingertips

Oil rises to unlimited love

BC Game appSweet sweet like honey

Listen to the laughter of the laughter

Opinity of the colorful color of Wuta Mountain

Neon brilliantly placed in Xuexiang ice sculpture

All of this

All are affectionate for the models you broadcast for the world

and warm and romantic

Wa -soil of the fight against the United States

Dye in the blood of the revolutionary martyrs

The afterglow of the "Sanjiang" embankment

Perform the bitter sour sour sweetness of the children of Mori Gong

The logging number has long disappeared

billion acres of Songtao forest

Like a green ribbon

Wrapped in the waist of the mother of the earth

Bring peace to the creatures of all things and pray for prayer

Ah! Longjiang Mori Gong, my beloved heart hometown

bc game apkUnforgettable vicissitudes when you are in crisis and pain

Pride after you open a new road Giant Manchu

For a beautiful wish

Birds, Luer jump

Frog tweet, stream water

​​Although it is difficult and dangerous, although the journey is long

Brave you

Still fearless fear, to move forward

Ah! Longjiang Mori Gong, my beloved heart hometown

Five -colored fruits are full of fertile wild pine

Jiu Zhenjia is drunk and beautiful as a flower

For a beautiful wish

Mountains and rivers are beautiful, harmonious nature

The people live in peace, happy home

No matter where I go

You are all the pearls in my heart

No matter where I go

All will accompany you

Soul Ring Dream

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