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2024-05-29        Yangguang.com

      The vast forest sea, Jinshan Yinshan is there.

      Cross Xiaoxing'an Ridge、Changbai Mountains,Longjiang Forest Gonglin District, with a total area of ​​6.58 million hectares, is a key state -owned forest area and important wood strategic reserve base in China,Shoulders to build a stubborn ecological security barrier、An important mission to guard the Northeast Grand Capital。

      April 1, 2014,With the last slug, the valley sounds thoroughly,Longjiang Mori Gonglin District completely stops natural forest commercial harvest。The majestic "Shunshan Fold" number、wooden storage bc game casinoyard full of wood、Forest trains that pass through the full wood roar officially become history。tens of thousands of forestry workers "hanging saws to stop ax",Transfer of the job。

      Ten years have passed,How is the ecological protection of the forest area today? How is the economic transformation?,Visit Longjiang Senwong Group Sui Emperor Forestry Bureau、Zhanhe Forestry Bureau and Founder Forestry Bureau,Talk about their personal feelings with the personal experience of the ten -year change。

     During ten years,Longjiang Mori Gong Group has implemented a series of measures such as the "Lin Chang+" working mechanism through innovation,The forest area increased from 5.5137 million hectares to 5.5795 million hectares,Forest coverage increased from 83.72%to 84.72%,Forest total accumulation increased from 579 million cubic bc game casino reviewmeters to 689 million cubic meters,Hectare's accumulation volume increased from 102.14 cubic meters to "four growth" at 125.49 cubic meters,Forest carbon summary reached 1.26 billion tons。Evaluation of the Chinese Academy of Forestry,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Forest and Wetland Resource Assets total value of 2.8 trillion yuan。

     During ten years,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Yinglin Green Industry Accelerated Development,Forest agriculture advances steadily,Forest food industry file upgrade,The scale of the Chinese medicinal material industry is continuously expanded,The tourism industry continues to advance,Forestry carbon exchange economy has made new progress。Forest Food Group、Garden Greening Company、Chinese herbal medicine company、Forestry Machinery Processing Factory and other professional companies have emerged bc game apkat the same time,The scale of the development of the ecological industry has continued to grow。2023,Longjiang Sengang Group's total operating income of 11.053 billion yuan,increased by 6.94 billion yuan from 2013,increased 168.73%。2023,Realizing total profit of 116 million yuan,increased 283 million yuan from 2013,increased 169.46%。

     During ten years,Longjiang Mori Gong Group vigorously built and rebuilt housing,Building a park green space,Employee salary increases year by year,High -quality medical resources continue to expand,Establishing Forestry Social Security Center,Provident Fund Cross -provincial Passing ... The per capita wage of employees in the forest area increased from 239,000 yuan to 65,800 yuan,increase 176%,Public recruitment of 1350 people with undergraduates and above,Reform residential BC gamebuilding area 118,800 square meters,The construction area of ​​the newly built residence is 22,100 square meters。
Stopping does not mean the end, but a new beginning.

     During ten years,Longjiang Mori Gonglin District Children Plant "Ecological background",Terminal "Ecological Rice Bowl"。Effective improvement of the ecological environment,Industrial transformation breaks out of the new road,Happy life is as long as the green of Xing'an Ridge。

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