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The product of Longjiang Mori Gong Group has a wonderful appearance of the 33rd Harbin Harbin Fair
2024-05-20    Liu He Zhan Pengyu    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center
       May 18,The 33rd Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair was officially opened to the public。Longjiang Mori Gong Group uses "to build a big food concept,Create Ice and Snow Travel Resort "as the theme,Highlights with their products in the Harbon Examination。

      During the Harbin Fair this year,Longjiang Mori Gong Group with forest food、Chinese medicinal materials、Travel Kangyang、4 modules of Mori Gongcai Cultural and Creative Products are based,At the same time with cultural creativity、Food and other wonderful links,Fully present ecological construction、Industrial development results,Fully display the new image of modern Xintong Gong。



  Enter the forest food sector exhibition area,Forest Miscellaneous Grain BC gamePorridge、shiitake mushroom、Pleurotus eryngii、dried blueberry fruits、dried blueberry fruits、Perilla sugar、Freshy corn ... The 13 major series of more than a hundred "Mori" standard products orderly display,Nearly 40 "Forest Express" products debut for the first time。

  In recent years,Longjiang Mori Gong Group takes the systemic development of the "Sen" standard product as an important measure to practice the "big food concept",Standardized integration of high -quality products of 23 Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,Building a lot of market potential、The top forest food series with strong competitive "forests",Continuously gives forest food more edible value and efficacy value,greatly improved the value of the product market and the value of the "Mori" brand brand。Current,Eight sides、Shuangya Mountain、Suiyang、Qinghe、Chaihe、Hua Nan、Yingchun、Founder、Mu Emperor, etc. A total of 15 forestry companies from the forestry bureau company、Edible bacteria、Schisandra Drink、Zisu、Bee products、Western ginseng and other products integrate into the forest food sales system。



  In the exhibition area of ​​the Chinese medicinal material section,A total of thorns are launched、American ginseng、Ginseng 3 series 10 products。where,Stabbing Wulin Plastic Folk,Mori Gongdao Divine Medical Materials Wild Strang Five Increase,With fast dissolution,Features that absorb extremely fast,Western ginseng super thin tablets、Three special types of rolls and frozen dried tablets,It can completely retain the biological activity and taste of Western ginseng。



  In the exhibition area of ​​Longjiang Mori Gongcong Cultural Innovation section,Forest plants with rich cultural connotation of forestry cultural connotation、A series of cultural and creative products such as Longjiang Mori Ecological Culture IP image attracted the majority of citizens and tourists to stop watching。series of cultural and creative products not only show the natural beauty and humanities of Longjiang Mori,It also incorporates modern design concepts,Let people appreciate and use it,Feel the unique charm and cultural value of Longjiang Mori。At the same time,Northern Red Agate、Beida Sanxiang Handicraft bc game casinoCrafts and other series of cultural and creative products with traditional cultural characteristics。



  "Green Water and Green Mountains Watch Mori Gong"。Tourism Kangyang Exhibition Area through Play Mori Gong Tourism Promotional Video、Introduction of Kangyang Resources and Tourism Products、Introduction to the scenic spot、Method of the distribution of tourism brochures,A comprehensive multi -perspective shows the unique tourism resources and landscape style of Longjiang Forest Gonglin District,Let the majority of merchants seem to be in it,Beautiful collection。



  According to an introduction,In recent years, Longjiang Mori Industry Group has actively created the tourism health care industry,There are 13 4A -level scenic spots、2 national forest -level recreational bases、15 nationwide forest recreation base pilot construction units。This exhibition showed China Xuexiang、Longjiang Phoenix Mountain、Pingshan Luyuan、Founder 鸳 Peak、The unique charm of the scenic spots such as Chaihe Jiuzhai。Last winter Xuexiang tourism BC Game appwas hot "out of the circle",Reviewing Bingle Snow in Longjiang Mori Gong has become a new fashion for people to pursue a high -quality and beautiful life。






  During the exhibition,The Party Committee Secretary of the Group、Chairman Zhang Guanwu,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、General Manager Wang Qifeng,Member of the Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Ma Chunping、Lu Shaolin,Secretary of the board of directors Ding Yu has come to the Moriong Exhibition Area to check and guidance,At the same time, the representatives of the well -known enterprise merchants conduct negotiation and exchange on related cooperation。In addition,Longjiang Mori Gong Group "Forest Selection" Mall is also online for trial operation,Let consumers taste unique forest deliciousness anytime, anywhere。

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