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2024-03-18        China Green Times
Lin Hai Longjiang Mori Gongrong Media Center Conferry

2023,It is Longjiang Mori Gong Group "Industrial Development Breaking Year
For a year,Longjiang Mori Gong insists on the wealthy enterprise of the industry,Incorporate the development of the ecological industry into the province's "4567" modern industrial system,Camp Forest Greening Industry Accelerate Development、Forest agriculture advances steadily、Forest food industry file upgrade、The scale of the planting of Chinese medicinal materials is continuously expanded、The tourism health industry continues to advance、New breakthroughs in foreign cooperation ... In order to open up the "two mountains" value conversion path,"Longjiang Mori Gong Answers" with high -quality development。

  Camp Forestry Industry continues to grow

  High -quality constructing an ecological industry system、Highlight the development of the leading industry,It is also one of the main responsibilities of Longjiang Mori Group。

  Longjiang Mori Gong insists on systemic thinking、Global Concept,Surrounding the ecological function、Provide ecological services、Maintaining the functional positioning of ecological security,Open "Green" and "Development" with both hands。

  Grasp the country's comprehensive development of "forest towns" construction opportunities,Group to build a national flagship of the seedlings industry、Accelerate the establishment of the country's largest state -owned nursery cluster as the goal,Vigorously develop the "beautiful cause" of seedling greening。Constantly transform and upgrade the infrastructure of the nursery、Increase technological support,Good breed breeding ability has been significantly improved,Nursery Construction and Intelligence levels enter the leader in the province。

  Now,Comprehensive infrastructure、Reasonable functional partition,Standardization、Intelligent、A total of 100 nursery that integrates mechanization,More than 200 million plants in the pornography,State -owned nursery cluster quietly formed。

  Hope Qingshan is often in,Wang Green Water Long Stream。The Group focuses on the development of the mid -to -long period,Continuously optimized tree species structure,Improve the quality of forest,Promote the sustainable forest operation。Complete the grafting of 23,000 mu of red pine economic forest breed,Planting thorns five plus 293,100 mu,Shamethorn、Hazelnut、Blueberry Raspberry、Lan Lao Guo and other economic forests have gradually formed a scale。

  "Persist in protecting in development、Develop in protection,Green water and green mountains can continue to bring Jinshan Yinshan,benefit the people of the majority of forest areas,Realize the sustainable economic and social development ",It has become the development consensus of Longjiang Mori Group。

  Forest food continues to strengthen

  Forest as a natural "grain depot",From Forest Morphology、Forest Fruit、Forest Cai、Forest Bee、Forest Yao to Forest Water、Forest Tea ... Provide people with a steady stream of forest food。

  2023,Group accelerate the establishment of the forest food industry system,Promoting the value improvement of forest food resources "from forests to dining tables"。

  "Vegetable Basket" and "Fruit Disk" with the characteristics of forestry are favored by consumers。Current,Longjiang Mori Gonglin District has established a state -owned standardized fruit and vegetable greenhouse 1408 buildings、Area 966.4 acres,Construction of 15,000 acres of "Cold Dragon Fruit" demonstration base、45,000 mu of orchard garden,More high -quality characteristic forest foods have gone out of the forest area、Go to the whole country。

  Continue to create a "Mori" high -end brand,Expand the "Heisen" brand influence,Preliminary formation of more than 160 categories of more than 160 categories of forest food mid -to -high -end brand product matrix BC Game appbc game apkand complete forest food product system,Promoting industrial transformation into fast lanes。

  Yingchun Bureau Company Forest Tree Tree Honey、The Zijinfang brand Zisu Oil of the Hua South Bureau has won the 22nd China Green Food Expo and the 15th China International Organic Food Expo Gold Award; Organic Food Certification; "Demonstration Base in the Cold Lammac Planting Industry in the Northern Cold Line" created by Yabuli Bureau,Realizing the new breakthroughs of the Camprona Lammine Project from industrial demonstration to industrial promotion。

  Together with the State Forestry Bureau in Beijing, the "Forest Food Week" activity was held in Beijing,Publicity and promotion of forest food and forest cuisine。

  Longjiang Mori Gong Group Forest Food This "Golden Business Card" is more and more brighter,Realizing revenue of 600 million yuan in the whole year。

  Layout of the entire industry chain of Chinese medicinal materials

  Longjiang Mori Gonglin District has a variety of climate、Soil fertility,History of Chinese herbal medicine planting with more than 30 years,Congenital advantages with the breeding base of the planting medicinal material seedlings and standardized planting bases。

  Quality is the foundation of the brand。The Group adheres to the entire industry chain layout of the Chinese medicinal material industry,Development Dao Drug Materials Realing Source System,Realizing the Mori Gongdao Dharma Medicinal Materials "One person, one medicine, one code, one yard",Transforming advantageous resources into an advantageous industry,To strengthen the "national character number" brand,Create the planting of Longjiang Chinese medicinal materials、Storage、Processing、The distribution center of the transaction。

  Longjiang Mori Gonglin District has a cumulative planting area of ​​610,000 mu,14%of the planting area of ​​Chinese medicinal materials in the province。Construction of 46,600 square meters of traditional Chinese medicine industry park,Implementation of cross -regional integration of Chinese medicinal materials resources、Integrated production and sales operation,More than 2,500 tons of Chinese bc game casino reviewbc game casinomedicine products such as thorns and other Chinese medicines。

  Change resources to assets,The medicinal material is "medicine for money",An ancient and emerging industry is full of vitality on the land of Longjiang Mori。

  Four Seasons Tourism "Wonderful Circle"

  Cloud Flying Mist、Ancient Wood Tower,Nature's ghost ax creation creates the beauty and magic of the Longjiang Mori Gonglin District。This winter,Apart from Harbin's ice and snow world,The beautiful and romantic Xuexiang also became the punch place in the south "Little Golden Doudou"。

  From November 10, 2023, the park will be opened to the present,The number of people entering the park in Xuexiang rises all the way。Here,"Cold Resources" really becomes "hot economy",Bingtian and Snow really become Jinshan Yinshan。

  The Group not only continues to work on ice and snow tourism,Also with the unique ecological resource advantages,Actively create a full -season global tourism collection area,Use better products and services to attract tourists。

  Yilin Taipinggou、Chaihe Xiaojiuzhai、Tokyo City Jingbo Lake、Xinglong Ji Guanshan、Founder 鸳 Peak、Qinghe Mom Ding and other weekend tour for regional nodes、Self -driving tour、Summer avoidance、Sightseeing Tour、Forest Ecological Tour Projects such as Red Tour,Become a new economic growth pole of Mori Gong,Forest Tourism Kangyang Industry Development Power。

  The 100 -year steam train of Hua South Bureau is listed as "National Industrial Heritage",13 forestry bureaus such as Hebei have been identified as the national forest tourism recreation base。

  In 2023, the brand value evaluation information of Heilongjiang Province,Phoenix Mountain National Forest Park、Xuexiang Scenic Area、Chai Hebei Elementary School Jiuzhai、Mori Gong Pingshan Scenic Area、Sui Emperor Ecological Tourist Scenic Area、Fang Zhengzhe Peak Scenic Area 6 scenic spots were successfully selected into the tourist destination (area) brand,The brand's cumulative value is nearly 12 billion yuan。

  Investment promotion expansion cooperation

  Longjiang Mori Gong Group uses investment bc game casino reviewpromotion as an accelerated BC gameindustrial development、The heavy advancement of the heavy economic strength,Big project、New projects are here。

  2023,Group actively carry out "China Merchants Winter",Dry up and down、Move、Run up,Investment promotion work opened the "double speed" mode。

  Group leaders to speed up the pace of "going global" and "introduction",Continuously expand the "circle of friends" with actual actions,Find more cooperation opportunities,Accelerate the promotion of the project generation,For the stable growth of Longjiang Mori's economic growth and high -quality development, new momentum。

  Some well -known central enterprises、Head companies threw olive branches to Longjiang Mori Group。Poly Real Estate、Wuhan Gaode、Zhonglin Group、Shandong Mo Yan ... The rooting of the foreign investment and signing projects、Flowing Result,It is Longjiang Mori Gong Group to promote the construction of major projects、Expand effective investment、Optimize the powerful return of the industrial structure。

  Enterprises must not only recruit it,More to stay。The Group Establishs Special Course for Investment and Capital、Improve the investment promotion system,Take a comprehensive promotion、Theme Investment、Key visits and other forms,Open embrace to investors。At the same time,Relying on the rapid decision -making mechanism of attracting investment,High -efficiency research and judgment of the introduction of projects、Tracking、Landing Service。

  "A water -bearing field will be green,Two mountain rows to send greens。"Look at the land of Longjiang Mori,"Two Mountains" transformation Practice Ecological painting scroll is green。

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