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2024-03-25    Xiong Yanhao Guan Jiantao Chen Yizhen Dong Baosen Wang Junbao Xu Kaixin    Xinhua News Agency

March 14,A pilot sample of the forest company in the Mixi Forestry Bureau of Yichunsen Group,Staff is sorting out the remaining things under the forest。Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Jianfei Photo

Forest land area 21.62 million hectares、Forest coverage rate 44.47%、Forest accumulation of 2.158 billion cubic meters ... Behind a series of numbers is the ecological results of the key state -owned forest area of ​​Heilongjiang Province for ten years。Discontinuation measures have made China's northernmost forest barrier gain vitality,State -owned forest areas can rely on ecological revitalization to achieve green economy transformation。

In the middle of the 20th century,To meet the needs of economic construction,China conducts large -scale development of this virgin forest,Stopping in 2014,Heilongjiang Provincial Key State -owned Forest Area Cumulative Wood produced more than 600 million cubic meters,About half of the country。
Yang Chongjun, deputy minister of the resource management department of Longjiang Mori Group, has worked in the forest area for decades。He said,The accumulation volume has declined before the forest area stops、Weak BC gameecological function and other problems,Especially in the 1990s,Some forest areas are caught in the "resource crisis、Economic Dangerous "two crisis" situations。
April 1, 2014,Heilongjiang Provincial Key State -owned Forest Area Stop Natural Forest Commercial Promotion,State -owned forest area with forest wood resources as the main support,Facing a transitional test。At that time, tens of thousands of forestry workers in Xing'an Ridge put down ax saw,Some people have changed from lumber people to forest guards,Some people face the dilemma of losing work。

In Friendship Area, Yichun City,Yichunsen Gongguling Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Xishui Forest Farm Branch Liu Yangshun (right) and his wife Yang Qiu'e in his own farmhouse (Photo by March 13)。Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Jianfei Photo

Liu Yangshun, a forestry retired employee in Yichun City, is one of them。"Before stopping, it was a loggingman,A person can cut dozens of trees every day。"Liu Yangshun told reporters,Employees in the forest area after stopping were confused。

Relying on the ecological characteristics of the forest area,Liu Yangshun's family opened the farmhouse in 2016,I started traveling business,Early income annual growth。"From the 10 dining tables at the beginning,Up to 18 tables,Receive more than 10,000 tourists each year,Increase income more than 100,000 yuan。”
Liu Yangshun's Yichun City has adhered to the "ecological market、Tourism Strong City "development BC gamepositioning,In Heilongjiang Province, take the lead in creating China's ecological recreation tourist destination。Now,Yichun Forest coverage has reached 83.8%,Forest accumulation increases to 375 million cubic meters,average net increase in annual increase exceeds 10 million cubic meters,Forest up the results of the forest area continued to expand。
2023,Yichun reception tourists and tourism revenue all hit a new high,Mid -Autumn Festival、National Day "Double Festival" period,increased by 506%and 534%,Show the "blowout" situation。
Wang Wei, director of Yichun Culture, Radio, Film and Television and Tourism Bureau, said,It is based on ecological advantages,Vigorously develop the summer forest ecological recreation tourism industry,Local implementation of ecology、Winning of economic and social benefits。
At Chaihe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,Vigorously develop the tourism industry by relying on the beautiful snow scene in the local area。Chaihe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. North Elementary School Jiuzhai Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd. Party Branch Li Gang said,The forest farm, which was mainly logged in,It is relying on the ice and snow to rejuvenate a new life。
A few rooms,A large round table,It constitutes the basic prototype of the homestay。After stopping in 2014,Except for forest protection work,Chaihe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Satellite Forest Farm employee Pan Germany transferred almost all BC Game appof his energy to the homestay。
"Our handwritten menu,All farmhouses,There are so many people who come,There is tens of thousands of yuan in winter in a winter,Make money in Biramut。"Pan De said。

March 12,In Yichun Hua Peptide Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,Staff products in packaging birch juice related products。Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Jianfei Photo

Not only travel,With the help of rich forest resources,Heilongjiang's key state -owned forest area vigorously develops the underwriting industry,Wild bacteria、​​birch juice、A series of products such as Chinese medicinal materials walk into the market。

Pointing at the greenhouse in front of you,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Rehe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Forest Food Branch Ji Fengjie is proud: "This is our forest fruit and vegetable planting base,Now there are 106 greenhouses,Plant grapes、persimmons, etc. are very popular in the market。”
"Now there are more industries,The benefits are good,Our salary is getting higher and higher,This day I dare not think about it。"He said。
During the decade,Daxing Anling Forestry Group is planted under the forest、Tourism Kangyang、Continuous efforts in industries such as automobile test,Promote the realization of ecological industrialization in the forest area,Industrial ecology。
"The first drink with blueberry wine,Taste mellow and unique,worthy of reminiscent。"Tourists from Fujian have tasted the local brewed blueberry BC Game appwine in the Arctic Island Scenic Area of ​​the Amil Forestry Bureau.,I also bought two bottles to take home to taste it for friends and relatives。
"To expand the value of wild blueberries,We extend the industrial chain,Established collection of collection、Processing、Sales、Sightseeing Arctic Ice Blueberry Winery。"Mu Chenwei, Chief of the Industrial Development of the Amul Forestry Bureau, said,Winery completed the sales income of about 4 million yuan in 2023。
In recent years,The key state -owned forest area of ​​Heilongjiang Province fully relies on the vast space under the forest,Scientific layout forest industry,Promoting ecological resources into high -quality tourism products,Green economy has developed rapidly。
Cao Yukun, a professor at the School of Economics Management of Northeast Forestry University, said,From selling wood to travel、Develop the economy under the forest,The Northeast Forest Area continues to extend the ecological industry chain,Improve green economic value,Vividly practice the concept of "green water and green mountains is the golden mountains and silver mountains"。
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