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[Focus on the Mori Trade Union] Longjiang Mori Gong Group 2024 Working Conference and the first three employee congress of the State Congress were grandly held
2024-03-05    Yang Hongyu Zhan Pengyu Li Qilong    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center
      Spring Breeze Hurry All Things,Sailing Entrusted at the time。March 4th,Longjiang Mori Gong Group 2024 Working Conference and the First Third Workers' Congress were held at the International Conference Center of Harbin Huaqi Hotel。The meeting carefully conveyed the study of the national forest and grass work conference、The Fifth Plenary Session of the 13th Provincial Party Committee and the Economic Work Conference of the Provincial Party Committee、The spirit of the work meeting of the Provincial Forest and Grass Bureau,Summary of work 2023,Scientific Planning 2024 Work,Anchor modern Xintong Workers target,Unity and leading the majority of cadres and employees of Longjiang Mori workersFurther unified thinking、Concentration consensus,Group Study Group Power、Together with development,Fully promote various tasks to achieve new breakthroughs、Go to a new level、Open a new situation。
      From the group's different fields、384 employee representatives of different fronts gathered together,The atmosphere of the venue is solemn and warm。Members of the presidium sitting in the front row of the podium are Zhang Guanwu, the group leader,、Zhao Hongyu、Ma Chunping、Wang Lintian、Wang Qifeng。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman of the Trade Union Zhao Hongyu Hosted the Conference。
      9 am at 9 am,The conference kicked off in the majestic national anthem。



      Member of the Party Committee of the Provincial SASAC、Deputy Director Wang Dong,Chairman of the Provincial Forestry Trade Union Yang Jing attended the meeting and delivered a speech。
      Wang Dong expressed warm BC Game appcongratulations on the victory of the conference on behalf of the Provincial SASAC。He said,In the past year,Longjiang Mori Gong Group with a high sense of political responsibility,Gao Yang Development Sail、Active active as、overcome various risk challenges,Enterprise high -quality development、Sustainable revitalization has achieved a new breakthrough in substantially。I hope that Longjiang Senong Group will give full play to the political advantage of state -owned enterprises in the new year,Continue to build the foundation of green development、Build a modern industrial system、Promote the deepening of reform、Strengthen the control of business risk management and control,To help Longjiang comprehensively revitalize and revitalize and contribute to the power of Mori。


  Yang Jing said in his speech,Longjiang Mori Industry Group Party Committee attaches great importance to the work of trade unions,Comprehensively strengthen the party's leadership of the union work,Ensure with heart and affection to protect and improve the quality of life,Reform and Development Different Moon,Various businesses are booming。The Provincial Forestry Trade Union will continue to support the work of the group's trade union as usual,Further use the unique advantages of the union organization to closely contact the employees and the masses,Efforts to provide more intimateness for employees in the forest area、More heart warming service,Strive for more welfare benefits for the first -line model and front -line employees,Striving for more policy support and help for trade unions at all levels。 


      Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy General Manager Ma Chunping on behalf of the Group for a work report to the conference。Report comprehensively summarized the ecological construction of the past year、Ecological Industry、Business Management、achievements in the aspects of fighting and foreign cooperation,Pointing out existing difficulties、Questions and Deadies,Focus on continuous bc game casinopromotion of ecological construction in 2024、stronger and superior ecological industry、Strengthening operational management and other aspects to arrange deployment、Put forward work requirements。


      Report to point out,In the past year,In the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government、Under the strong leadership of the Provincial SASAC and the Group's Party Committee,Under the scientific decision of the board of directors,Longjiang Mori's ecological construction has achieved significant results,The ecological industry continues to grow,Effective efficiency of business management,Make outstanding results in striving for top and foreign cooperation,Total operating income achieved 11.053 billion yuan,increased by 10.02%year -on -year,Total profit realizes 116 million yuan,increased by 100.31%year -on -year。
      Report to point out,2024,Longjiang Sengang Group's full -caliber operating income to achieve 12.1 billion yuan,Realizing profit of 160 million yuan。The focus should continue to promote ecological construction,In -depth implementation of the forest long system、Comprehensively improve the quality of forest operation、Strengthening forest resource management、Give full play to the role of ecological supervision and work hard,Fully guarantee national ecological security。To give full play to the advantages of resource, strengthen and make great ecological industries.Focus on accelerating the pace of marketization of camp forest greening industries,Improve market competitiveness and economic benefits;Promote the upgrade of forest agriculture files,Achieved the area of ​​grain sowing stable at more than 5.7 million acres,Food production strives to reach 2.89 billion kg,Standardized vegetable greenhouses reached 2,500 buildings;Growing the scale of the forest food industry,Establish a forest food quality standard system,Increase marketing strength,Accelerate the implementation of the cooperative restaurant bc game casino reviewproject of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area;Improve the deep processing level of the Chinese medicinal material industry,The area of ​​the field reaches 650,000 mu,Construction of Mori Gong Chinese Medicine Industry Cloud Platform and the Quality Inspection Center of Chinese Medicine Materials,Create a new model of development of the entire industrial chain;Vigorously develop the tourism health industry,In -depth implementation of Xuexiang Excellent Construction Project and Yabuli、Fenghuangshan Scenic Area three -year improvement project,Strengthen the management and management of company recreational bases such as Hebei and other 13 bureaus;Promoting a new breakthrough in the carbon exchange industry in the forestry,Actively carry out strategic cooperation with resource trading institutions inside and outside the province,Construction of a natural ecological resource trading platform;Implementation of scientific and technological innovation drive projects,Accelerate the construction of "Digital Forestry" and "Smart Forestry" of Mori Gong;Promoting investment promotion to the new level,Innovative investment promotion mode,Continue to carry out a series of activities such as "Investment Winter"。 


      Report emphasizing,To strengthen business management,Constantly improving the economic benefits of the enterprise。To improve the modern enterprise system,Strengthen the management mechanism of the "two sessions and one level",Strengthen the construction guidance of the board of directors of ownership,Improve the normalized job evaluation mechanism,Strengthen assessment management,Improve the level of corporate legal person governance; continue to deepen various reforms,In -depth development of loss governance and "reduction" work,Continuously improve the operating efficiency and operating efficiency of enterprises; we must improve the salary management mechanism,According to the Provincial SASAC's "Six Ding and One Reinforcement" bc game casinodeployment requirements,Give full play to the incentive effect of salary distribution; to promote the construction of key projects,Do your best to do a good job of fire prevention emergency roads and other projects,Make sure construction quality,Resolutely complete the project construction task on time;,Deepen the special operation of safety production and control,Resolutely curb the occurrence of heavy special safety accidents,Ensure the safety of the lives and property of the people。The report also strengthens financial control、Strengthening the requirements of legal audit and other requirements。


      According to the agenda of the conference,Participating representatives reviewed the "Work Report" and other proposals,Voting voting main proposal、Democratic Evaluation Group Leading Cadres。 
      will be on,Zhang Guanwu represents the group with the owner of the owner signed the 2024 work target responsibility letter。Tongbei、Hebei Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.、Forest Food Group、Harbin State -owned Songjiang Jiaohe Board Factory Co., Ltd.、5 units of the Provincial Forestry General Hospital made typical experience exchange at the meeting。
       Council,All participants watched the work report reflecting the work results of the group's work last year- "Entrusted 2023: Tongxin Dream of Dreams"。
       The conference takes on -site+video method,All employee representatives、The sixth round inspection team members of the Party Committee of the Group Party Committee participated in the conference at the main venue。Other leadership team members of Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.、Middle -level managers,The members of the group directly under the group's other leaders and middle -level cadres attended the conference at each branch venue。
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