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Wang Qifeng to Fangzheng, Xinglong Forest District supervision and inspection
2024-07-08    Yang Hongyu Wang Jia Dong Chuanming    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

July 6,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Longjiang Mori Gong Group、General Manager Wang Qifeng to Founder、Xinglong Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Supervisory and inspects the construction of the issuance of the issuance of the Treasury bond project、Flood prevention、Safety production and other current key tasks。



Company in Founder Bureau,Wang Qifeng came to the Founder Bureau's Ecological Schedule Command Center、Shine of Songhua River、BC gameFire Emergency Road Construction Command Center、Iha Road Engineering Co., Ltd. Southern Project Department、Dawn Forest Field Fire Emergency Road Construction and Construction Site and Xinglong Bureau Crow Bubble Office,View on the spot、Understand the construction and operation of the ecological dispatch command center、Songhuajiang Gaogen section of water level monitoring、Promotion of the construction of the Treasury Project for Issuance、Flood Control materials reserve、Implementation of flood prevention work and water level monitoring。



Wang Qifeng requested all units,We must solidly promote the construction of the issuance of the Treasury bond project,Further suppressing the responsibilities of all parties,According to the work requirements of the provincial government's "strict control of the bc game casinosix levels",Strengthen the guarantee of full factor,Strengthen the full process supervision,Optimized construction organization,Speed ​​up the construction progress,Resolutely achieve the insurance period、Insure quality、Guarantee safety。Strictly wait for the flood prevention work,Persist in the people first、Life first,Effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency,Keep high vigilance at all times,Pay close attention to rain love、Water Love、Flood Love,Strengthen the discussion judgment,Strengthening the publicity and education of flood prevention and hedging self -rescue,Strengthen organizational leadership,Strengthen emergency exercise,With the sense of responsibility of "rest assured" and the action of "the bottom bc game casinoof everything",Promoting the measures for flood control is implemented; we must further improve the flood prevention plan and emergency response mechanism,Make sure to respond quickly at critical moments、Effective response,Realize safety flood。To resolutely carry the responsibility of the main body of production safety,Strict implementation of the safety management system and operating regulations,Keep an eye on key parts、Key links,Do the whole process、Full of the whole link、All -round risk hidden dangers self -examination and self -correction,Effectively keep the bottom line of safety production,Make sure the safety production situation in the forest area is continuously stable。To accelerate the construction of the ecological dispatch command center,Promoting the internal management bc game casinoof the enterprise is more refined、Scientific,Promoting ecological construction from traditional management to modernization、Digitalization、Visualization management transformation,Actively create a panoramic smart forestry,Make sure the digital upgrade of the whole system、integrated pattern to accelerate the establishment。

The relevant responsible comrades of the Group's Strategic Development Department accompanied the investigation.


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