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Longjiang Mori Gong Group held a launch meeting of the forest grassland wetland desertification census
2024-07-03    Yang Hongyu Zhan Pengyu    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center
On the morning of July 2,Longjiang Mori Gong Group held a launch meeting of the forest grassland wetland desertification census,Careful implementation of the country、Provincial deployment requirements on carrying out the census work of the national forest and grassland wetland desertification,Arrange the deployment group 2024 Forest grassland wetland desertification census work。
Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、General Manager Wang Qifeng,Li Caiwen, Deputy Director of the State Forestry Bureau Key State Forest Resources Monitoring Center, attended the meeting and spoke。Group Ecological Supervision Commissioner Ling Changwei attended the meeting。

bc game apkwill be on the meeting,Readed "2024 Longjiang Mori Gong Group Forest Grassland Wetland Wetland Desertification Census Work Plan"。
Li Caiwen said in his speech,Carry out the census of the desertification of the forest grassland wetland,The "10 -year census based on the" three fixed "duties,Annual Dynamic Monitoring Comprehensive Survey and Monitoring System,Start from the overall ecosystem,Unified Thought、Coordinated advance,Make sure the quality and progress of the census work。Next,Key state -owned forest resource monitoring centers will be inspected and accepted in accordance with the third -level inspection and acceptance system,Send different personnel for interactive inspection and acceptance,At the same time, it will cooperate with Longjiang Mori Gong Group,Do a good job of technical support for the census of Longjiang Mori Group,High -quality complete census work,Satisfied with Satisfaction。

Wang Qifeng requested in his speech,To deeply understand the launch BC Game appof the launch of the census of the desertification of the forest and grassland wetland is a pragmatic measure to find out the "green home" of Longjiang Mori,It is also a major opportunity to fundamentally solve actual problems,It is even more promoted to improve the level of resource management、Scientific Plan for the basic support of high -quality development of Longjiang Mori Gong in the future,All units should effectively improve their political standing,Persist in problem orientation,Focus on key links,Reasonable configuration force,Resolutely implement the responsibility、The task is always through the task、Passing to the end,Promote the solid and orderly development of various tasks; we must earnestly grasp the census of the forest grassland wetland desertification census this year,All units must be together with the territory forest grass and the natural resource department,Earnestly refine the division of local schemes and tasks,Pressing the responsibility of work,Persist in a bottom BC gameversion、A standard,At the same time, we must actively cooperate with the work of the National Forest Monitoring Center,inverted construction period、Pay attention to implementation,Resolutely achieve up and down concentric、The pace is consistent,Ensure that the ground class confirmation and verification proof will be completed by the end of October; we must improve the mechanism,Effectively do a good job in the census work protection of the desertification of the forest grassland wetland,Mix the power of personnel,Correct the main responsibility,Establish a collaborative mechanism、Security guarantee mechanism,Strictly implement the national information security system,High -quality completion of this forest grassland wetland desertification census work。

After launching the meeting,It also carried out the content of the forest and grassland wetland desertification census work training on the content of "unanimous landscape survey methods", "land cloud software bc game casino reviewapplication", "land cloud software application", "land cloud software application", and "found pilot pilot pilot"。
Responsible comrades of relevant departments of the group,The responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the key state -owned forest resource monitoring center attended the meeting at the main venue。Each Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.、The relevant units of the relevant units of the group are the main responsible comrades and the responsible comrades of the relevant departments to participate in the meeting at the branch venue。


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