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[Ecological Enterprise] Hebei: Warm Heart -Warm Rescue "Northeast Meng Beast" returns to the forest
2024-07-02    Yang Junlin    Hebei Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

Recently,Hebei Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.、The Hebei Branch of the Provincial Public Security Bureau of the Provincial Forestry District successfully bc game casinosuccessfully rescued a wildlife that mistakenly entered the residential area, the dumplings,After a period of breeding, it is successfully placed back to the mountain forest。


As early as May this year,The residential area of ​​the Corporation of the Hebei Bureau broke into a special "guest" — wild 狍。Many careful residents found it,and immediately report this situation to the relevant departments。The staff of the Forest Resources Management Department of the Hebei Bureau Company quickly went to the scene bc game casino reviewafter receiving the news,Check it carefully,This injured wild tweezer has obvious trauma、Body weakness,No field survival conditions。Subsequent,The staff carefully brought the sister -in -law back to the management and protection office for a comprehensive inspection and treatment。

Under the careful care of the control staff for more than a month,The injury of the mule gradually improves,The mental state also recovers gradually。June 21,After confirming that its health is good and suitable for release,bc game apkThe staff of the management and protection institute contact the police of the Public Security Bureau of the Forest District,Drive to bring the sister -in -law to the nearest mountain forest to put it back to nature。


"Hebei Bureau Company has a wildlife rescue station,You can temporarily rescue wild animals on the mountains。"Huang Junying, deputy minister of the Forest Resources Management Department of Hebei Bureau Company, introduced,Future,It will continue to strengthen the propaganda of protecting wild animals,Calling the bc game casinomajority of employees in the forest area to improve the protection of wild animals,Efforts to create a good social atmosphere that is harmonious and harmonious in nature。

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