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Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Ganzi Prefecture Mori Gong Group、Directors、General Manager Xia Yijun and his party went to Longjiang Mori Gong Group to investigate and investigate
2024-07-02    Li Jiachen Le Ming    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

On the morning of July 1,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Ganzi Prefecture Mori Group, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province、Directors、General Manager Xia Yijun and his party went to Longjiang Mori Group for management、Party building、Industrial Development、Project Management and other tasks to conduct investigations and investigations。

Member of the Party Committee of Senong Group of Ganzi Prefecture、Deputy General Manager Yu Hong、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Trade Union BC gameChairman Zhou Jiucheng、Deputy General Manager Li Weidong,Ding Yu, secretary of the board of directors of Longjiang Mori Group, participated in the investigation and research activities。



Xia Yijun and his party visited the Mori Gong Forest Food Exhibition Center、Group Ecological Schedule Command Center、Digital Exhibition Center and Forest Fire Fire Command Center,Comprehensive understanding of the development of the forest food industry、Smart Forest Industry Construction and the Construction of Emergency Management System。

At the subsequent symposium,Both parties are managed by corporate、Party building、Industrial Development、Project management and other aspects launched a warm exchange。



Ding Yu represents Longjiang Mori Gong Group to introduce the reform and development since the full transfer of enterprises in the Ganzi Prefecture。He said,Longjiang Mori Gong's transfer since the transfer,Established the goal of "building a modern New Forest Gong",Adhere to the "political construction bc game apkenterprise、Cultural Runster、Industry rich enterprise、Cultural Runster、Talent Strong Enterprise、Minsheng Building Enterprise、French and Disciplinary Enterprise "Policy,The implementation of "Seeing Seeing One Year、Three years up the step、Five -Year Development Strategy,Ecological Construction、Industrial Development、Enterprise Management、Minsheng Welfare、Party building and other aspects work to a new level、Get new results,I hope that Ganzi Prefecture Senong Group can give more valuable opinions and suggestions on the transformation and development BC Game appof Longjiang Mori Group,Longjiang Senong Group will also take this exchange as an opportunity,Careful learning to learn from the good experience of Ganzi Prefecture Morimong Group、Good approach,Strive to promote various tasks to go to a new level、Open a new situation,To build a green Longjiang、Beautiful China contributes the power of Mori Gong。



Xia Yijun expressed her sincere thanks for the enthusiastic reception BC Game appof Longjiang Mori Group,Give a high evaluation of the achievements of transformation and development in recent years,and introduced the work development of Ganzi Prefecture Mori Gong Group in detail and the next development plan。He said,Through this survey,I saw the Longjiang Mori Gong Group's deepening reform、Great changes and gratifying results in the development of transformation and development,I also learned the reform of the Longjiang Mori Group in the system and mechanism、Enterprise Management、Industrial Development、Advanced experience and success mode of the party's construction,It provides a useful reference and reference for the transformation and development of Ganzi Mori Gong Group for Ganzi Prefecture。This inspection and exchange not only deepen mutual understanding,Both parties have also established a deep friendship,I hope the two parties will further strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the future,Deepen mutual learning,Together to promote the high -quality development bc game casinoof the enterprise、Promoting the construction of beautiful China has made greater contributions。

Next,Xia Yijun and his party will go deep into Qinghe、Founder Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.、seedling cultivation、Infrastructure construction、Minsheng Engineering and other aspects conducted investigations and investigations。

Longjiang Mori Gong Group、The responsible comrades and relevant staff of the relevant departments of Ganzi Prefecture Mori Gong Group participated in the survey and research activity。

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