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Longjiang Mori Gong Group hosts "Lin Haiciang · Chinese Dream Labor Beauty -New Age of Youth to the Party Building Gong"
2024-07-01    Liu Chenglong Zhang Haoran    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center
        morning June 28,Longjiang Mori Gong Group hosted the "Lin Haicai · Chinese Dream Labor Beauty -New Age of Youth to the Party Construction of the Party",12 college students and employees go to the podium,With a high passion、Entrusted posture is affectionate to tell the relationship between the relationship between the relationship、Zagensen Gong、The touching deeds of dedication forestry。
        Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Trade Union Chairman Zhao Hongyu,Member of the Party Committee of the Group、General Accountant Wang Lingtian,Ding Yu, secretary of the Group's board of directors, attended the event。


        Deploy in accordance with the Group's Party Committee,This speech contest focuses on college student employee groups,Group Trade Union (Youth bc game casino reviewLeague Committee) Carefully organized since June 13、Carefully prepare for this speech contest,Volunteer registration、layer recommendation,Among the more than 200 college students who participated,12 players are promoted to this speech final。


        Zhao Hongyu said in his speech,Mori Gong has a long and brilliant history,After many years of wind and rain and journey,generations of Mori workers always adhere to their original intentions、Study forward,Use wisdom and sweat,I wrote countless moving chapters on this vast forest area。College students and employees are the new power of Mori Gong,To understand the history of Mori Gong,Feel the dedication and effort of the predecessors,Inheritance Mori Gong enterprise culture,Zagensen Gong、Service Forestry、Construction Mori Gong,Courage to open up and innovate、Skills of the Director of the Exhibition,constantly challenge self、Beyond Self,Efforts to achieve life value in the wave of revitalization and development of the group。
        "As a new era of youth cadres of Longjiang Mori Gong,We want to have a good mandarin worker,Together down、growth upward,Bad load、Dare to take responsibility,BC Game appI am youth,Make Lin Hylla!
        "The mission of a generation has a generation,A generation has the responsibility of a generation。In the Mori Gong family,I have a dream in my heart、There are roads under the feet、Light in the eyes。”
        "I will use youth as a pen,Taking blood as ink,The happiness in Mori Gong can be written in Taoyuan, which can be struggled to be our ecological iron army's youth poetry line。”

        In the competition,12 college student employees participating players around the speech theme,"New Era" New Era "New Era of the Party", "I am a Lin Haicai", "The Graduate of the Grass of Youth", "The Greenness of the Grass of Grass", "The Writing of the Youth", "Ordinary and Great Young Youth" Title of Dangyou,Combined with its own work and the advanced typical deeds around me,Use passionate words、powerful oath,Expressed the loyalty to the party、Love for Mori Gong,Deeply expressed the Genstan Mori Gong、Love Lin Hai、The belief and determination of courage to take responsibility,Interpretation of the new era of the new era of forestry in the new era、The new spiritual style of the new journey。 
        The atmosphere of the speech scene is warm,The bc game casinoaffectionate interpretation of the players deeply touches the heartstrings of each listener,Alternate applause,After a wonderful competition in the morning,Speech Competition ended perfectly。




        The content of the lecture on the contestants、Speech skills、Speech effect、Time grasp and other aspects to comprehensively score,Finally, Qu Qingnan, a company of Sui Ling Bureau, won the first prize of the competition,Other contestants get two、Third Prize and Excellent Award。
        Participants have said,will take this competition as an opportunity,Constantly improving your business ability and comprehensive quality,Read the history of Mori Gong,Inheritance Mori Gong culture,Houzhuang Forensishansi,Contribute youth for the new chapter of the writing of Mori Gong's revitalization and development。


        To accelerate the pace of modernization of the construction of Modernization of Xintong Workers,The party committee of the group from the proposal of the "strong talent" policy to establishing an adult view、Then build a talent pattern,All the way to gather wisdom,The introduction of the "Thousand Talents Plan" of college students has been completed,BC Game appCreated the Gathering of Longjiang Mori Gigo because of his career、A good situation for career because of talents。College students and employees who have joined the Forestry Bureau companies have taken root in the sea of ​​reckless forests、Give full play to intelligence,Employers insist on giving opportunities、Platform,Strictly implement the "2+1" and "Teacher with Apprentice" training mode,Help college students and employees squatting seedlings、Improve the skills、Growth talents。This speech contest is both a show display for college student employee groups,It is also a manifestation of the results of the party committee of the group's party committee.。
        The responsible comrades and related staff of the group departments,Group members and relevant staff of the group leaders and related staff at the group's ownership second -level unit participated in the event。
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