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Zhang Guanwu deep into the sea forest and Linkou forest area for inspection and research
2024-06-10    Yang Hongyu Tian Zhaojun Liu Xiying    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

9th to 10th,Secretary of the Party Committee of Longjiang Mori Gong Group、Chairman Zhang Guanwu deep into the sea forest、Linkou Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. supervised and inspected the construction of the issuance of the issue of the issuance of the national bond project、Safety production、Flood prevention and flood preparation,Research on summer tourism operation management、Construction and operation of the Ecological Command Center。



Afternoon on the 9th,Zhang Guanwu has just ended inspection and survey at the company company,Drive to the Shihai Forestry Bureau Company Xuexiang Lakeside Resort Hotel,View on the spot to see the maintenance and renovation of the hotel,Detailed understanding of hotel BC Game appmanagement and operation。​​He pointed out,Dahai Forestry Bureau Company and Heilongjiang Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd.,Upgrade and transform the original Mudanjiang Jingbo Lake Snow Reading Hotel to Xuexiang Lakeside Resort Hotel,Not only does it improve the hotel reception and service quality,It also achieved a win -win situation for economic and social benefits。Next,To promote it in marketing、Establish a service team、Continuous efforts in business management,Improve service ability、Create a boutique hotel,Do a good job of preparation before operation,Continuously expand the popularity and influence of Xuexiang's tourism brand,Inject new vitality into the development of the global tourism development of Xuexiang,。



morning 10,Zhang Guanwu came to the Ecological Command Center of the Forestry Bureau Company and Forest Fire Fire Command Center,Detailed understanding of the central digital regulatory platform、"Three Long System" Office、The construction of the biological specimen room, etc.,and carefully check the daily bc game casino reviewpatrol of the drone through the command monitoring system、Data transmission, etc.。He emphasized,It is necessary to use the ecological scheduling command center and the digital experience center as the platform,Give full play to the comprehensive command and management system of "front -end monitoring+command platform+mobile terminal",Further improve the data of forest long -system、Intelligent、Visualization level,Strengthen forestry modernization technology,Precise strategy for ecological construction、Scientific management provides reliable data support。To make full use of drones fire monitoring、Positioning、Data transmission and other functions,Fully create an early warning and monitoring system for "drone patrol+watchta+patrol ground patrol",Constantly improving science and technology early warning capabilities,Fully Weaving Mipted Forest Fire Fire Safety Network。It is necessary to grasp the daily training of the team at high standards、Facilities and equipment maintenance,Strengthen bc game apkactual combat preparation,Fully forging "Mori Anti -Fighting Army"。



During the inspection and investigation,Zhang Guanwu put forward specific requirements for current key tasks。He emphasized,To accelerate the construction of the issue of issuance of the Treasury bond project,All construction units must obey the unified scheduling of the group's work class,firmly grasping the golden period of construction,Under the premise of ensuring quality and safety,Racing time,Weather grab work,The work strength of the sprint with the start of construction,Running out of construction "Acceleration",Make sure to advance the high standards of the construction of the Treasury project、High -quality implementation。Near the flood season,All units should attach great importance to flood prevention and flood preparation and disaster prevention work,With the sense of responsibility of "always rest assured" and the action of "the bottom of everything",Improve the emergency plan、Strengthen emergency exercise、Strengthening disaster relief assistance、BC gameStrengthen the construction of the refuge,Comprehensively improve the ability to deal with emergencies,Fully grasp the implementation of various tasks of flood prevention and flood preparation。We must do a good job of work safety prevention work,Strengthen the bottom line thinking、Tree Juxin Risk Consciousness,Pressing the responsibility for production safety,Carrying out safety hazards investigation and rectification,Implement various safety management measures,Strict safety hazard "risk point",Building a "firewall",Ensure that the safety production situation in the forest area is continuously stable。

The responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the group accompanied the inspection and investigation.

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