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Zhang Guanwu to Rehe Forest District for inspection and investigation
2024-06-09    Yang Hongyu Hu Zhengqiang    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center
June 9,Secretary of the Party Committee of Longjiang Mori Gong Group、Chairman Zhang Guanwu to Weizhe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. to supervise and inspect the construction of the Treasury Project for Dragon Boat Festival Holidays、Safety production、Flood prevention and flood preparation,Investigation of the development of the industry。
Natural Food Branch of Nedhe Bureau Company,Zhang Guanwu has come to the pickled workshop、Food Processing Workshop and Fruit and Vegetable Base,Learn for the production of enterprises in detail、Sales。Emphasized,To vigorously develop the deep processing industry of mountains and wild vegetables, forest fruits and vegetables,Continuously innovative research and development of forest food types that meet market demand,Increase the promotion of sales,Let forest food go to the table of people across the country,Increase the income of employees and masses in the forest area,Really made the Great Forest Gifts into the "True Gold and Silver" in the pocket of ordinary people。

Old site in the second primary school of the Yuanweihe Forestry Bureau and the original industrial park,Zhang Guanwu views the preservation of idle assets、Management、Maintenance。Requires Rehe River Bureau Company to make full use BC gameof the internal bc game casino reviewexisting land of the enterprise、Factory、Building、Infrastructure, etc.,Promote the transformation and upgrading of the stock of the company's stock,Vigorously introduce high -quality incremental assets,Actively implement the "Moving" plan,Plan to generate and introduce a group of deep processing projects with forestry characteristics,Actively revitalize state -owned assets,Make "Sleeping Assets" into "Increasing Revenue"。

Inspection and research period,Zhang Guanwu pointed out,To develop a good ecological industry,Play the ecological industry card。It is necessary to follow the requirements of the Group's "Industrial Project Breakthrough Year" deployment requirements,Implement the strategy of "one game and one industry" and "one product",Combined with the resource regional advantages of the reed river forest area,Develop good mountains and wild vegetables、Forest fruits and vegetables pickled and deep processing,Summary promotion of new three -dimensional planting mode under the forest,Mighty to extend the industrial chain、Add added value,Improve the level of technology and innovation drive,Efforts to make the natural food branch into a leading enterprise in the Rehe Forest District。Pay close attention to market -oriented,Innovative development concept,Practice "Big Food Concept",Continuously increasing forest food research and development intensity,Improve the upstream and downstream industrial chain,Drive the company to increase income、Employees get rich,Accelerate the pace of upgrading the industrial structure。

bc game casino reviewZhang Guanwu emphasized,To promote BC gamethe construction of fire emergency roads at high quality and efficiency。The construction of the issue of issuance of the Treasury bond project for accelerating the reconstruction of post -disaster in the forest area、Overall improvement of Mori Gong, disaster prevention and mitigation and disaster relief ability,Better to ensure the safety of national ecological security and the safety of the lives and property of the people in the forest area。At present, the fire emergency road has entered the construction stage,Project construction unit must fulfill the main responsibility,Further unified thinking、Improve political standing、Refine the strong wind,Effectively issuing the issue of issuance of national debt projects as this year's "No. 1 Project",Grab it firmly,Settlement of work throughout the year,Constantly enhance the sense of responsibility、sense of mission and urgency,Resolutely implement the requirements of superior work,with greater strength、Fast pace、More practical measures to promote project construction,Make sure to complete the task of project construction at high quality on schedule。To strengthen the supervision of the entire process of project construction,Really build the additional issuance of national debt projects into high -quality projects、Cleaning Project,Submit a satisfactory answer sheet to the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government。
bc game casino reviewZhang Guanwu emphasized,Do a good job of work safety。Careful implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on BC gamesafety production,bc game casinoEffective enhancement of risk awareness,Thinking of the bottom line,Do a good job of various safety precautions,Fully maintain the safety of the lives and property of the people。We must seriously grasp the 23rd "Safety Production Month" activity in the country,Fully recognize the current safety production situation,Especially the construction period of fire emergency road project,To resolutely keep the safe bottom line,Implement the safety production responsibility for the project construction unit,Sign a good fire and production contract with the construction unit,Strengthen the coordination of special classes,Give full play to the role of joint scheduling emergency command mechanism,Establish a perfect emergency plan,Strengthen the safety education of construction personnel,Improve the safety awareness and ability of all staff。To continue to check and rectify road traffic、Fire、Hidden risks in the fields of hazardous chemicals,Especially during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday,To strengthen the safety management of dense places for personnel,Strictly prevent various safety accidents。It is necessary to effectively grasp the special operation of the hidden dangers of fire safety,Ensure that hidden dangers are in place,Continuously increase the strength of the tackling tackling,Comprehensively improve the level of safety management。

bc game casino reviewZhang Guanwu emphasized,We must go all out to do a good job of flood prevention and flood。To look at and implement flood prevention work awake,Fully understand the severe test facing,You must make the most bc game casinodangerous plan,The spirit bc game casinoof responsibility with extreme serious and responsible,Based on the Flood Flood、Anti -Dangerous、Save Disaster,Do your best to deal with preparations during the flood season。Keep an eye on the key area of ​​flood prevention、Key parts、Key crowd,Implementation of detailed flood prevention measures,Make all kinds of emergency preparations,Comprehensively improve defense capabilities,Fully guarantee the safety of the lives and property of employees in the forest area。Pay attention to meteorological、Hydrological forecast early warning information,Strictly implement the "Early Warning-Calling-Feedback" mechanism,Timely precision forecast early warning,Make sure the early warning arrives at the forest field、to the resident、to individual。To strengthen the implementation of responsibilities,Strict execution of leaders leading class and 24 -hour duty system,Properly deal with the disposal of emergencies,To link up and down、Schipids in response、High -efficiency response。To carry out hidden dangers and then investigate、Reconstruction Action,Around key areas and weak links in front of rescue materials、Emergency forces in advance,Keep linking with various emergency forces、Information sharing,Make sure safety flood。
The responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the group accompanied the inspection and investigation.
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