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Full string starts! Longjiang Senong Group's issuance of national debt project construction work against time
2024-06-05    Wang Tianchi    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

In order to conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee、The Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government Regard,Preparations after the previous period,A few days ago,Fire Emergency Road Construction Projects of the Forest Districts of Longjiang Mori Group has successively entered the construction,The construction of the Treasury Bond Project Construction Returns Occasion,Full string Strings。After the project is completed,Longjiang Mori Gonglin District Road network density will be increased from the existing 2.4 meters/hectares to 3.1 meters/hectares,Increases the emergency capacity bc game casinoBC Game appof fire prevention flood prevention in the forest area、Improvement of production and living conditions、Ecological environmental protection and industrial development under the forest brought great help。

2024 Longjiang Mori Gong Group to issue a total of 28 projects in two types of national debt projects,Where,Forest Fire Emergency Road Project 24,4 post -disaster recovery project 4,The total amount of the project is 7.09 billion。



Longjiang Mori Group will add the construction of the Treasury bond project as this year's "No. 1 Project"。Established a project special class,Coordinated coordination project construction various tasks,Hold the Group's major engineering project construction work promotion meeting,Draw the dry force in the whole forest area,Establishing a leading group and construction headquarters for the establishment of major engineering project construction work,The implementation plan of the whole process of the project,Established a working mechanism for BC gamea joint plan for up and down。

bc game casinoGuan Chengwen, Director of the Office of the Group's major engineering project construction work, introduced,This year, the country has invested the most in the infrastructure construction of the Longjiang Mori Gonglin District this year.,For Longjiang Mori Gong,It is both a rare construction opportunity,It is also a major test of management ability。Since the establishment of a special class,The task account was formulated,Clarified the division of responsibilities of relevant departments in the special class。Organize the Group's large -scale promotion meeting 3 times,The project special class promotion meeting 14 times,Holding a special class weekly work meeting for a total of 18 times。



At the same time,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Comprehensive Reinforcement Project Management,Specific running program。Create a capital pool,Standardous fund management,Ensure that the funds of national debt projects are closed and safe;,Unified command and scheduling project bc game casinoconstruction bc game apkwork; make every effort to follow the whole project tracking audit,Timely finding problems、Complete the rectification in time; the group's special class carried out on -site supervision and inspection in the "four non -two straights" method,Starting to the scene、Construction to the scene,Make every effort to ensure the quality and construction safety,Build a full -scale issuance of the issuance of national debt projects into a popular project、Integrity Engineering、Integrity Engineering。

Dong Changsheng, Minister of the Engineering and Construction Department of Huazan Bureau Company, told reporters: "Do this work for seriously,We plan in advance、Carefully deployed,Earnestly sort out and break down the projects of the project,In the next step, it will continue to improve the frequency of work scheduling and work advancement,Improve and perfect the promotion mechanism,Timely coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered bc game casinoin the project bc game apkconstruction,Make sure that project construction is high -quality、High standards are completed。”

As an undertaking party for some forestry fire emergency road projects of the forestry bureau company,Shao Zhicheng, Executive Director of Mudanjiang Forestry Engineering Co., Ltd.,"Can participate in the construction of forest fire prevention emergency road projects in 2024,Trust for us、Opportunity,It is a test and challenge。We will continue to enhance the sense of responsibility、sense of mission and urgency,Gathering Power、Struggle to attack,Make sure to complete various tasks of the project construction on schedule,Building the project into a boutique project、Demonstration Project。”

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