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The guidance team of the Provincial Forest and Grass Bureau went to Longjiang Mori Industry Group to guide the construction of the Treasury bond project
2024-06-03    Li Jiachen Tian Zhaojun Zheng Meng Cui Dongbo    Shanhe Tun, Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.
May 31,Members of the Party Group of the Provincial Forest and Grass Bureau、Deputy Director Song Guozhong as the leader of the Provincial Forest Cao Bureau, the guidance group of the Provincial Forest Cao Bureau, went to Longjiang BC gameBC gameSenong Group,Check the guidance of the development of the issuance of the government bond project。Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy General Manager Ma Chunping,Group Ecological Supervision Commissioner Ling Changwei participated in inspection guidance。

The guidance group first listened to the report on the promotion of the construction of the Longjiang Mori Group on the construction of the Treasury bond project,and go deep into the mountains and rivers、Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,Real on -site inspection and guidance project construction Promotional implementation。
In the mountains and rivers、Dahai Forestry Bureau bc game casinoCompany,bc game casinoThe guidance group has come to the fire emergency road construction headquarters and project construction site,Detailed understanding of the construction plan for engineering construction、progress table、Construction Preparation、Mechanical equipment、Safety management and other situations,and make guidance on further related work。

The guidance team requires the project units of Longjiang Mori Group,To deeply understand the construction of the issue of issuance of the Treasury bond project, to accelerate the reconstruction of post -disaster in the forest area、Overall improvement of Mori Gong, disaster prevention, disaster motion BC Game appbc game casinoand disaster relief ability、The significance of better guarantee the safety of the lives and property of the people in the forestry area and the safety of the lives and property of the people in the forest area,Effectively issued the issue of government bond projects as this year's "No. 1 Project",Constantly enhance the sense of responsibility、sense of mission and urgency,Strengthen communication、Pocket cooperation、Forms a work joint,Go all the way to promote the construction of national bond funds projects,Ensure the quality and construction safety of the project,True the construction project into a people's heart project BC gamethat the construction BC Game appproject is satisfied with、High -quality project and integrity project,Further promotes forest prevention and fire extinguishing work and then go to a new level,The development of the forestry industry is more vibrant。
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