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Longjiang Mori Gong Group held the launch of the 2024 "Safety Production Month" launch and flood prevention preparation meeting
2024-05-31    Li Jiachen Zhan Pengyu    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center
      May 30th,Longjiang Mori Gong Group held the launch of the 2024 "Safety Production Month" launch and flood prevention preparation meeting,In -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on production safety,Implementing the requirements of the superiors,Comprehensively start the Group's "Safety Production Month" activity,Re -arrange for the preparation of spring defense and flood prevention、Re -deploy。Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy General Manager Lu Shaolin attended the meeting and put forward specific requirements for relevant work。


      The conference conveyed the spirit of the work safety work conference of the provincial SASAC,I interpreted the "Safety Production Month" activity plan of Longjiang Mori Group。
      Meeting to point out,Do a good job of "Safety Production Month" work。June this year is the 23rd "Safety Production Month",All units、The department must effectively strengthen the organization leaders,Create a strong atmosphere,Innovative work measures,Make sure the work of "Safety Production Month" achieves practical results。We must do a good job in the current work of safe production。All units、The department must strengthen the consciousness of worry and nathery,Resolutely do a good job of investigation and rectification of hidden safety hazards,Continuous strengthening to key places、Key parts、Fire safety control and control of weak links,Effectively grasp the prevention and response of various accidents; we must resolutely grasp the three -year operation of safety production and cure,Focus to eliminate hidden dangers of major accidents、major security risk prevention and control,Do a solid work in 2024 "hidden dangers"; resolutely grasp the safety management of tourist attractions,Effectively strengthen the safety inspection of tourism equipment and bc game casinofacilities、Improve Scenic Safety Tips、Increase inspection strength,Ensure the safety of tourists; we must resolutely grasp the safety training of the enterprise,Continuously strengthening the law safety production law、Extensive safety public welfare publicity,Effectively improve the safety awareness and emergency self -rescue skills of front -line employees。
      Conference emphasized,To do a good job of work in the later stages of spring defense。All units should continue to maintain high degree of vigilance and not relax,Overcoming the thinking of fluke and loosening paralysis,Resolutely win the tough battle of forest fire prevention this spring;,Requirements in strict accordance with the Group's "Special Action Implementation Plan for the Inspection and Remediation of Forest Fire Hssies During the Construction of Fire Road",Grasp the field of illegal in the field,To achieve "one area, one plan"; to strengthen the team building and not relax,Continuous training intensity,Effectively improve the physical fitness and professional skills of the Mori Defense Team; do not relax the bc game casinomanagement of the inspection station,Make sure to "keep the mountain、Seeing people、Control the fire "; continue to promote the problem rectification and not relax,Cute the hidden dangers found in the special supervision and inspection of the group,Establish a rectified ledger,Complete rectification on time。

      Conference emphasized,Do a good job of preparation for flood prevention。All units must strengthen the implementation of flood responsibilities,Really implement responsibilities to each forest farm (place)、Each danger zone、Each hidden danger point; to strengthen hidden danger investigation and rectification,Key grasp the reservoir、embankment、Mountain flood disasters are easy to develop zone、Investigation of hidden dangers in the construction of engineering such as construction,Make sure hidden dangers are in place; strengthen the protection of emergency materials,Fastened flood control materials,Equipped with sufficient satellite telephone and other emergency communication equipment,Make sure the communication is unblocked、Conducting efficiency; strengthen BC gamethe construction of a shelter place,Specifies Set the Symptoms of Refuers,indicate the shelter route diagram,Do a good job of emergency materials reserves; strengthen the preparation preparation,Actual combat、Practical、Performance is the target,Organize flood prevention and rescue drills,Carry out exercise effectiveness evaluation,Comprehensively improve emergency response ability。
      The meeting was held in the form of video。The relevant responsible comrades of the member department of the group security committee attended the meeting at the main venue。Each Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.、The responsible comrades in charge of all units directly under the group、The responsible comrades of the member department of the Safety Commission attended the meeting at each branch venue。
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