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【Party Discipline Learning Education】 The Sixth Party Branch of the Group Headquarters Carrying out Party Discipline Education Special Party Lesson
2024-05-28    Yang Hongyu Yi Chang    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center
According to the relevant deployment requirements of party discipline education and education of the party committee of Longjiang Mori Group,May 27th,Group Headquarters Sixth Party Branch held a party member meeting,Special study bc game casino review"Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",Education guides all party members to further strengthen the consciousness of discipline and rules,Strengthen self -constraint、Improve immunity。Member of the Party Committee of the Group、General Accountant Wang Lingtian participated in the branch conference as an ordinary party member and made a party counseling。


During the counseling process of party lessons,Wang Lintian takes the title of "Strengthening the Disciplinary Defense of Disciplinary Studies",Combined with personal learning harvest,Contact work,The significance of the revision of the bc game apkRegulations from deep understanding、Accurately grasp the important content of the revision of the Regulations、Grasp the implementation of the "Regulations" three aspects,Detailed explanation for everyone。He requires all party members of the branch to establish a strong consciousness of party constitution and party rules,Always keep in mind the first identity of the party member,Learning to learn the main points of the "six disciplines" and requires the requirements and regulations,Be strictly observing political discipline,Always keep in mind the "five must",Strictly prevent the "seven of them"; strictly observe organizational BC gamediscipline,Create a loyal and clean ecological iron army team; strictly adhere to the discipline of integrity,Always be clear and private、Public rights;,Always be mindful to the masses、Create a blessing for the people; strictly obey work discipline,Always fulfill his duties、True grasping hard work; strictly observing life discipline,Always achieve Ming Dade、Shougong morality、Yan Private。


Party members of all branches also conduct learning exchanges,Consensus,In future work,To further strengthen party discipline learning,Learning Chief Learning、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Really internalize the Regulations in the bc game casino reviewHeart、Externalization,Endogenous power stimulated by party discipline and education into the actual performance of the high -quality development of Mori Gong,Contributions to the Group's comprehensive completion of various work goals and tasks this year。
All party members of the Sixth Party Branch of the Group Headquarters attended the meeting.
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