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2024-06-26        People's Daily

Overlooking the sea forest area.

Sun Qianglie is shooting wild animals.

The Xuexiang Scenic Area of ​​the Dahai Forestry Bureau is a well -known winter tourist destination。
The above pictures are provided by the Propaganda Department of the Haikai Forestry Bureau

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   Ten years ago,Oil saw a noise,Golden Wan Wan; Now,Do not cut a tree,It can still get rich。April 1, 2014,Accompanied by the last fired number with the logging worker,Heilongjiang Key State -owned Forest Area Stop Natural Forest Commercial Promotion。tens of thousands of forestry workers "hanging saws and stopped ax",From "Tree Cutting People" to "Seeing Tree Man"。

During ten years,The children of Heilongjiang Forest District are building the ecological safety barrier in the north,Plan the new way,Break out a piece of ecology、Industry prosperous、New world of life beauty。

Recent,Reporter deepen Longjiang Mori Industry Group Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,Visit the green changes in the decade of stopping here。

Forestance and breeding, birds and beasts

Processing rootstock、Select Ending、Cutting wedge noodles ... Entering Lishugou Nursery in the Haikai Forestry Bureau,More than a dozen grafting technicians are skilled in red pine grafting work。

"First of all,After pulling out the pins of the ate,Flatter and cut off and then split。Then,Select the matching scion,and remove the buds that grow for two years,Clear into a wedge。Last,Insert the scion,Ensure that one side is aligned,Corted tight plastic bar,A red pine grafted! "Hongsong Grapping Team Captain Duan Guibo shows the technical essentials of grafting Hongsong to reporters。

"The survival rate of red pine seedlings after grafting greatly improves,The ability to resist diseases and insect pests has also been enhanced。Under normal circumstances,Red pine seedlings take more than 17 years to reach the results period,And can bear results in about 7 years after grafting。"Li Yuanguang, deputy director of the nursery who is working on the scene, took over the stubble,Introduce the advantages of red pine grafting。

Since May 6,Dahai Forestry Bureau grasped the golden period of grafting of red pine liquid flowing liquid,Organizational grafting technicians to Lishugou、Red Star、More than 60,000 red pine nutrition cup seedlings in the 3 nurseries of Shinlin for grafting operations。

"In recent years,We are planted at the same time as conventional trees,Promote the use of grafting technology,The forest area is realized、‘three growth’ of accumulation and coverage! "Zhang Zhenfeng, Minister of Forestry Management and Management Department of Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. said。

BC Game appWhen cultivating forests,People often say "three points,Seven points "。This "seven -division" is to raise,In the process of breeding,Prevention and treatment of diseases and insect pests is an extremely important job。

In order to improve the quality and effect of the prevention and control of pests and insect pests in red pine fruits,Dahai Forestry Bureau invited Jing Tianzhong, associate professor of Forestry College of Northeast Forestry University for technical guidance。

"Red pine is a tree species with extremely high ecological benefits,But pests and pests are always the biggest obstacles to the healthy growth of red pine forests ... "At the Red Star Management Office 158 Lin Ban and the Changting Operation Office 33 Forest Corporal Forest Base,Jing Tianzhong's sampling analysis of pests and pests and fruits,Make suggestions on the best flight time,Selection of the agent、Pinged ratio and monitoring after prevention。

Zhu Lina, deputy director of the Forestry Working Station, said,Dahai Forestry Bureau has established strategic cooperative relations with Northeast Forestry University,Carrying out joint research,Universities helped the forest area to solve many technical problems encountered in forest care。

In addition to preventing diseases and insect pests,There is another major event in forest care: fire prevention。

As a forest fire prevention "veteran" for 22 years of fighting in the front line,Dou Chuanuo, deputy captain of the Forest Fire Brigade, said: "20 years ago, the fire prevention was mainly monitored by the patrolr and the watchtower,The best fire extinguishing equipment is wind power extinguishing machine,But it's different now! Just as we speak,The drone fleet is patrolling in the forest ... "

Current,Dahai Forestry Bureau has 2 medium -sized multi -rotor drones、23 small multi -rotor drones。Two fire prevention periods in spring and autumn every year,These drones will carry out daily flight patrol。

The weather is getting warmer, and the migratory bird returns north.

More trees、Cao Mi,The air is fresher,Animals prefer to come back。

Winding mountain road、Energy forest、Yolu Yuanshan,constitutes a magnificent beautiful picture。Follow the sea waves all the way east,The car entered the Xuexiang National Forest Park,The cry of white geese from from time to time came from the ear。

Sun Jian, a 65 -year -old photography enthusiast, was a logging worker of the Haikai Forestry Bureau,After retirement, the Chinese autumn sand duck, known as the "big panda in the bird"。Last year he had squatted in the forest area for 53 days,Send about 150 Chinese autumn sand ducks and wings to move south。

Chinese autumn sand duck is a national first -class protection animal,Ecological environment is extremely high,It is called "Ecological Test Paper"。

"Before stopping,China Qiu Sha Duck is very rare。Now the forest area can not only see the Chinese autumn sand duck,and the BC Game appnumber continues to increase。"Sun Jielie said,From the beginning of only 3 to more than ten,More than 100 now,Reflected that the ecology of the forest area is getting better and better。

According to rough statistics,At present, there are 45 species in the beasts in the forest area,There are 243 species of birds,Except the Northeast Tiger、Chinese autumn sand duck、Oriental Baiji and other national first -level protection animals,and Black Bear、Yellow throat mink、Goshawk and other national second -level protection animals。

Green development, money bags are even more drum

The summer wind and winter are snowy, and the green is intoxicated.

In the dense mountain forest of the sea forestry bureau,Beltas、Monkey Legs、Thorn and buds and other types of mountains and wild vegetables are raising the soil layer,Express the fragrance。

"Let's go to West 2 today,Mainly adopt a tadpole and thorns,The weather is pretty good,Strive a little more ... "At 6:30 in the morning,Liuhe Forest Farm Party Secretary Yu Xin arranged for the picking task of the day in the court。

Shanye vegetable filling dumplings are the "one product" project established by Liuhe Forest Farm。To grab the golden period of grasping mountains and wild vegetables,More than 20 staff members every day to pick up the mountain,Then simmer water、Plastic Seal、Packing、Frozen,This year is expected to collect more than 3,000 pounds of mountain wild vegetables。

Drink a bite of mountain spring when you are thirsty,Tired of rest for a while when you are tired。less than an hour,Forest employees Zhou Zhaoming's shoulder is filled with mountains and wild vegetables。Too late to wipe the fine sweat beads on the forehead,Zhou Zhaoming walked towards a farther mountain forest ...

"98 degrees Celsius, start to simmer for vegetables."

In the Xueyun Pavilion Hotel 40 kilometers away from Liuhe Forest Farm,The large pot full of hot water boils the mountains and wild vegetables to break the water。More than 20 hotel employees will sort the Shanye cuisine just sent、焯、Cold、Weight、Packing、After plastic seal,Send it to the cold storage one after another。

Dian Mozi stewed potatoes、Cool mixing mountain cauliflower、Stranging Eggs with Stranging Bud ... More than 20 kinds of mountain dishes will "go" the table of upper reaches。

"To bring health to tourists、Delicious forest food,Everyone picks up early and greedy black picking and processing,16,000 kg is currently completed,The remaining 27,000 kg of mountain wild vegetables is expected to be completed within 12 days。"Liu Zhiqiang, the manager of Xueyunge Hotel, said。

July is the peak season of "spring fungus"。Edible fungus production base entered Xinlin Farm,The eyes are all arranged neatly arranged bacteria bags,clusters of fungus is like a "black peony",Growth Happy Ren。

"Planting 110,000 bags of fungus this year,It is expected to earn more than 100,000 yuan! "Forest staff Zhang Qinglin is busy putting the newly BC gamepicked Black Wood ear to transport the bacteria land,Say happily,Forest Farm in Shenshan District,The temperature difference between morning and evening is large,The growth cycle of fungus is longer,Add the irrigation of the river and waves without polluting the river water,Created a thick meat、Black and bright color、Good quality of crispy taste。

The Winter Hai Forestry Bureau is another scene。Blow by North Wind,Snow drifting away,Smoke like fog,One white mushroom house one after another stands in Xuexiang Scenic Area,The fog of the mountains all over the mountain is even more beautiful。"Snow Mushroom" and "Snow Cake" and other unique snow scenes attracted tourists to marvel at: the snow in the Northeast is so dreamy!

Fan Zhaoyi, 67, has lived here for more than 40 years,It is also the operator of the first batch of homestays in Xuexiang Scenic Area。"I used to be a front -line loggers,It is mainly responsible for transportation and scheduling。After retirement, he concentrate on running a homestay with his wife,Graduated and witnessed the huge changes in the ‘forest traveler’ of the Haikai Forestry Bureau。”

"Visitors will be full in the snow season in the past few years。"Fan Zhaoyi mentioned the current business status,Face is full of smiles。

"When I was in the past,,Climbing ice and snow,Wind Mealing sleeping,I can't earn much money。Now half a year of dry and half a year,Can't freeze in the room,More earnings! "Fan Zhaoyi said。

Back against such a "Jinshan Yinshan",Fan Zhaoyi is full of hope for the future: "As Xuexiang's reputation becomes greater and greater,Visitors will definitely become more and more,I believe that the future will definitely be even more popular。”

Dahai Forestry Bureau played "Xiawu San Dayong,The strange climate advantage between the winter snow and forests ",Successfully broke out an ecological priority、The Road to Green Development。

Ecological livable, life is more beautiful

People take food as the sky, and food is first.

Every spring,The waves of the waves that have been frozen for a winter began to melt。Past,The people who use the sea waves as the source of the forest area will become turbid with water,The problem of water eating often plagues the surrounding people。

"The current tap water is clear,Not yellow at all,It is not affected by the beginning of the spring at all,And it will no longer stop the water as soon as the power outage。"Mention this year's water supply,Sister Liu, who lives in Changxing Community, applauded。

Take water、Add medicine、Stir、precipitation、Monitoring ... Walk into the laboratory of the tap water supply station,Examiner Sun Qiuying is conducting the fifth raw water and turbidity detection of factory water out of the day。

"From August 2022,We fully launched the bidding renovation project,Experts from the Department of Municipal Engineering BC gameof the School of Environmental Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology to propose a transformation plan and conduct on -site guidance。After 8 months of upgrade and transformation,The supply of tap water has improved the water -making process、Automation of the sewage system、Automation and scientific accurate dosing automation,Water supply has reached the standard of high -quality drinking water。"" Mention of tap water renovation project,Deputy Webmaster hot spring opened the phone box,Now every 1 hour, take water quality test,Let the rest assured moisturizing thousands of households。

One piece of more than 500 meters high、Colorful "Landscape Street" is a highlight of the green flag forest farm this year。Walk along the street,Pink Diamond Begonia and Golden Leaf Elm in the blooming trees、Light Pink elm plum、The green cloud ball constitutes a colorful picture roll。

"Since this year,Our forest farm is committed to creating 'high, middle and low' three -dimensional greening,Combination of "Red, yellow and green" in color。Our forest farm is committed to creating 'high, middle and low' three -dimensional greening、The planted green tree planted has begun to take shape,joy of joy overflow。

As of now,The Dahai Forestry Bureau has grown a total of 17808 trees,5009 bushes,Hea 1531 extended rice,16,300 plants of Tengben,"Flowers in spring、Xia Youyin、Autumn has fruit、The green pattern of winter green "is gradually formed。

"Previous,We all pour the garbage into the trash bin on the side of the road,Stranging the wind,Plastic bags fly over the sky,Very unsightly。Now,Every day someone comes to collect garbage。"Master Zhang, the resident of Liuhe Forest Farm, talks about today's field environment,Exposure of a comfortable smile。

"Clean the car in the morning、Sprinkle Waterwheel Cleaning Road,Special clean on the street,The current life is very comfortable ... "Liu Lan, 65 -year -old resident of the forest area this year,Sitting on the newly installed seat in the community,Talk about the clean living environment and praise today。

Clear garbage、Change the courtyard wall、Do greening,Dahai Forestry Bureau implemented in -depth implementation of the forest environment environmental improvement project,Comprehensively improve the level of greening and beautification,Four seasons are beautiful living space、Four seasons are beautiful living space。

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