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Forging high -skilled ecological Iron Army needed around Longjiang Industry
2024-06-20        Heilongjiang Trade WeChat public account
June 16,Secretary of the Party Group of the Provincial Federation of Industry、Vice Chairman Luan Zhicheng led the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions to go deep into the Heilongjiang Forestry Vocational and Technical College to conduct research on the construction of the Provincial Ecological Artisan Academy,Emphasize the need to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on the work of doing a good job of doing skills in the new era,Carefully implement the Provincial Party Committee、Requirements for all -total general deployment,Help forging high -skill ecological iron army,Promote the province represented by the provincial ecological crafts college、New results of the construction of craftsmen at all levels。

Current,Heilongjiang Forestry Vocational and Technical College has established a professional bc game casino reviewpattern that is highly fitted with the forestry ecological industry,Is China Training Base in the World Skills Competition Woodworking Project、National high -skilled talent training base,Modeling craftsman talents。After settling in the Academy of Ecological Craftsman College,It has become an important platform for cultivating high -skilled talents and forestry craftsmen。The Provincial Federation of Trade Unions has entered the China Training Base in the World Skills Competition Woodworking Project、Xu Yan Innovation Studio、Meng Xiangmei Aviation Testing Technology Sharing Studio、Employee Bookstore and other places,and the model worker、Students and other cordial communication,Detailed understanding of the construction of craftsman colleges、Cultivation of Talent Talent、Modeling Craftsman's Innovation Studio Construction and Practice,Organize a symposium to listen to reports on the work of the provincial forestry system trade union,Extensive solicitation suggestions。

The research team gives full affirmation of the outstanding results achieved BC Game appby the provincial forestry system trade union work and the construction of the provincial ecological craftsman college。Point out,Craftsman College is a trade union organization to help develop new productive forces,Service Construction "4567" modern industrial system,Cultivation creates more high -precision skill talents、Important measures for craftsman talents。Trade organizations at all levels should improve political standing,Establish the sense of responsibility and mission of building a good craftsmanship college,Focus on characteristic industries,Create a training base for skill talents,Cultivate more major artisans for industrial innovation and development、High -skilled talents。Focus on training results conversion,Continue to carry out industry and special project skills competitions,Active combination of creative industries、Ice and Snow Economy,Improve the development ability of the service industry,Help Longjiang Local Economic Development。Focus on feature function integration,Build a first -class skilled bc game casino reviewtalent training and training base for building a forestry system、Modeling craftsmanship base、Incubation Base of Innovation Achievements,"Three Spirit" promotes the inheritance base,Strive to build a national demonstration craftsman talent training base,Implementing "The Implementation Plan for the Three -year Action of the Three -year Action for the Place of New Quality Practice for the Development of New Quality",Comprehensive growth for craftsman talents。

Revision team requirements,Trade organizations at all levels、Enterprise、The college must strengthen cooperation and co -construction,Integrate resources of all parties,Reinforcement training results,Shape the training brand,Create a first -class craftsman college that is in line with the construction of Longjiang Province。Provincial Federation of Trade Unions will, as always, pay attention,Continuous support for support,For the high -quality development of Longjiang、Guarding national ecological security provides talent protection,Contributions to the power of union!

Provincial Forestry Trade BC gameUnion Chairman Yang Jing,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Longjiang Mori Gong Group、Chairman of the Trade Union Zhao Hongyu,Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee of Daxing Aneling Forestry Group Company、Chairman of the Trade Union Xu Que,Member of the Party Committee of Yichunsen Industry Group、Employee Director、Chairman of the Trade Union Cheng Gang,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Heilongjiang Vocational and Technical College、Dean Chen Zhen accompanied the research。The responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions participated in the research。

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