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2024-06-06        Guangming Daily

Swan back to the forest area in spring Li Zhonglin Photo/Guangming Picture


Like parents,,Zhanhe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Watchman Wang Liu Yang and his wife Xu Pan guard the green forest and sea of ​​Xiaoxing'an Ridge。The picture shows the Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center.


Chinese autumn sand ducks in Fenglin National Nature Reserve The picture shows the Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center.


Overlooking Oriental Honglin Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. forest area。The picture shows the Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center.


[Ecological Focus]

Manga Linhai,Songbai Mori ... Early summer,Walk into the Longjiang Mori Gonglin District, Heilongjiang Province,Green eyes,A vitality。

As a key state -owned forest area,The total area of ​​forest operations in Longjiang Mori Gonglin District reached 6.5857 million hectares。When the highest yield is the highest peak,Every 10 woods used in the country,There are nearly 3.5 yields from here。2014,Heilongjiang Provincial Key State -owned Forest Area Stop Natural Forest Commercial Promotion,I start to rest here for rest here。

Now,Ten years have passed,Longjiang Mori workers put down the ax saw,from the tree cutter、The loggingman becomes a tree breeding person、forest guard,Forest Area Realization is mainly based on wood production,historic transformation of ecological construction。

Guard this green

Born in the forest area,Long in the forest area,When the 50 -year -old Hua Nan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd., the employee Yu Hongbo is still a hairy kid,Just follow the father as a logging worker。"At that time,Wood means the life of the family,I follow the adult to cut the wood every day in the forest,Eight 800 yuan per month,Barely enough for a family to eat and drink。"" Recall the life before stopping,Yu Hongbo feels thousands of emotions。

After stopping the cut,Yu Hongbo voluntarily became a forest guard,"Forest resources are limited,Fathers are for life,I have to log in and sell money,To our generation,The concept should be changed "。

For better forests,To understand the forest。So,He runs to the mountains when he is fine,"Red pine bark color dark,pine tower。Fallen leaf pine winter falls off the leaves,Trust trunk。This is Huang Bai,That is the poplar ... "

"Go,Go to see the newly BC gameplanted saplings BC Game appthese years。"" Along the forest path,Yu Hongbo leader came to a neat forest land。"The artificial forest capital becomes a trip,The red pine in the third row,I planted it by myself after stopping,It grows as thick as the ‘two big bowl’ bowl。"" Follow the direction of the red wave finger,The reporter saw a red pine more than 3 meters high stood there。"Our responsibility,Just take the forest to protect it、Good tree species,Leave a piece of green for future generations。"" in Hongbo's tone firm。

In the forest area,Fire prevention is the first major event。Just day dawn,Zhanhe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Forest Fire Department Watchman Wang Liu Yang will board the Own Tower,Find the hidden dangers of fire。

This observation tower in front of you is about 20 meters high,The tower body is a metal steel frame structure。Forest wind blows over,The tower shakes slightly。There is a red hut at the top of the steel frame,That is the observation room of Wang Liuyang and his wife Xu Pan。There is a special name of the Own Tower- "Caiqin Piawang Tower",Father Wang Xuexun and Mother Zhu Caiqin are the predecessor of the watchmaking hut。Now,The couple took over from the parents' hands,Continue to be on the depths of the forest。

"Caiqin Lauret Tower" undertakes most of the Mori Communication of Zhanhe Forest District Most Transfer Mission,It is a guardian forest、"Eyes" of the Fire Discovery Fire。In the past two years,With the help of scientific and technological means,The work efficiency of the watcher is greatly improved。"Video monitoring 24 hours with‘ visible light+hot infrared ’monitor,We both can basically sleep well。"" Say,Wang Liu Yang released the drone again,Let it fly to the mountain forest。

Covenant since stopping,Longjiang Mori Gong Group increases the protection of forest resources,Promoting the construction of an integrated warning monitoring system for the "empty world" integrated warning monitoring system,Realizing 13 consecutive years without forest fire。At the same time,Implementation of three -level Lin Chang responsibility and 5 -level management liability,Complete Full coverage of Forest Resource Grid Management。Related statistics display,The forest area under the jurisdiction of Longjiang Mori Gong Group was from 5.5137 million hectares in 2014,increased to the current 5.5795 million hectares,The accumulation bc game casinovolume of BC Game appthe growth area is equivalent to 550 million big trees。

Rare wild animals are more and more

Ascend to the distance,Dazhanhe winds from north to south,Water flowing gentle,Wetland on both sides。Peripheral,The lush forest wood,Like a green ocean,Nourishing this land and creature。

National Nature Reserve, Dazhanhe Wetland,Located on the upper reaches of the Dazhan River in the northern foot of the Anling Mountains in the northern part of Heilongjiang Province,It is a complete type of Xiaoxing Anling Forest District、distribution concentration、The largest forest wetland ecosystem Nature Reserve。

3:30 am,Governor Gu Yanchang in the Research Section of the Reserve Starting Monitoring Records the Activity of Bai Tou Crane。"These days are the peak period of breeding,The time of eating in front of the male crane is getting earlier and earlier。"Sure enough,The fields in front of the Gate of Uzmengye Monitoring Station in the National Nature Reserve of the Dazhan River Wetland,Two cranes are down to find food。

In order to better protect the migrated wild crane,Monitoring Station will sow more than 50 hectares of wheat and soybeans per year,In the autumn, part will not be harvested,Add enough food for the wild cranes returning from the beginning of the spring。

"We used to be here,Also scrape the dust storm。Stopping these years,Eye's ecological environment of the wetland is getting better and better,Attract a lot of precious birds to inhabit and reproduce,Many of them have become our 'old friend'。"Gu Yanchang told reporters。

Not only is there more and more rare birds,With the improvement of the ecological environment of the forest area,Northeast Tiger、Northeast Leopard and other wild animals also appear frequently,The activity area continues to expand。

In Longjiang Mori Gong Group,There are 14 Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. discovered the trace of the Siberian tiger。January this year,Mu Emperor Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Peace Forest Forest Guardian Wang Daohui during routine patrol,Found tiger footprint。"Leave obvious footprints along this.,Except for the landmark,I also found excreted feces。"Guo Jianjun, the person in charge of Liufengshan National Forest Park Management Office of Mu Emperor Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. introduced,This is the fifth adult wild Siberian Tiger that Mu Emperor Forest District has discovered in recent years。

For ten years,Longjiang Mori Gonglin District takes stop、Tube、Fu、Create bc game casino reviewand BC Game appother measures,Diversity of the forest ecosystem、Stability and continuity have been effectively recovered and improved steadily。Now,Each forest area has been mainly protected from forests in the past,System protection and repair of landscapes, forests, lakes, grass sand and wild animals and plants。

Monitoring data shows that: Longjiang Mori Gonglin District breeds a yellow breast、315,100 birds such as flower field chickens,Rescue and release Oriental White、Firebird、There are more than 180 wild animals such as white -headed cranes; national first -level protected animals, Chinese autumn sand ducks, known as "living fossils", known as birds,Reappear on the river bank of Longjiang Mori Gonglin District; Red Beans、The number of precious wild plant populations such as High Mountain Red Scenery also continues to return to growth。

Employees in the forest area eat "ecological rice"

Entering Founder Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,A plant thorns and five errors are placed in the mountains and forests,Painted a picture of the prosperity of the industry。

Thorn five plus is a plant with strong vitality,Drought resistance and cold,Suitable for imitation wild planting。And,Its whole body is treasure,root、Stems、Ye、Flower、All can be used for medicine,Leaf can eat,You can also make tea,Is a typical representative of the same source of medicine and food。"Steamed Wulia grows in shrubs in the hillside forest or on the roadside,Never destroy the original ecological environment of the forest,It can also expand the field of implementation of natural forest protection projects,Take into account ecology and economic benefits,Two -one in -one。"Zhou Naijun, Minister of Forestry Management Management Department of Founder Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.。

In recent years,Founder Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. makes full use of the forestry resources and location advantages,The "Cold Dragon Medicine" industry focusing on the development of thorns five adds as the ability to enhance people's revenue、Engine to promote the rapid economic development of the forest area,Continuously expanding planting scale,Extend the industrial chain,Go out of an adaptation of local conditions、A new road for high -quality transformation and development of strong enterprises and rich people。

"These are the thorns planted in the past two years,After two years of rooting period,This year entered the accelerated growth stage。You see,This section is a new growing BC gamethis year,There bc game casino revieware 30 to 40 cm long,It will be benefited in two or three years。"" Stabbing five -plus growers businessmen Chenghui excitedly introduced。

In addition to vigorously developing the economy under the forest,Forestry Bureau of various places also actively explore the new direction of forest development。

Forest District, Linkou Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,A concentrated artificial forests can be seen everywhere,There are "Party Member Forest", "Youth Forest", "Model Forest" ...,Three or four meters high at the moment are the new seedlings that were planted that year。"2013,We created 10,000 acres of carbon Huilin,Now that forest brings a lot of gains。Last year,Our unit is determined to be a national forest carbon exchange pilot unit。"Zhao Guoqiang, Minister of Forestry Management Management Department of Linkou Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,Camp Forestry Forestry is a real "Jinshan Yinshan"。

Ten years of stopping,Forest cover rate in the forest area of ​​Longjiang Mori Gonglin District、Total accumulation、Hectare accumulation volume increased to 84.71%, respectively、714 billion cubic meters and 120.9 cubic meters。At the end of 2020,Evaluation of the Chinese Academy of Forestry,Longjiang Mori Gong Group's forest and wetland resource assets of wetland resource assets are 2.8 trillion yuan,The value of the annual ecological service is 516.211 billion yuan。

"Don't sell wood and sell air,This is the new idea of ​​people in the forest district " -Zhao Guoqiang sold a Guanzi,"We adopt scientific means to rationally camper forests,Increase the growth and accumulation of the unit area forest,Establish health and stability、High -quality and efficient forest ecosystem,Efforts to create a copy of the replicable forest carbon exchange and sustainable business model "。

Ten years of stopping,The ecological "rice bowl" in the forest area。Visible,Protect the green water and green mountains,Make green the background color for high -quality development,Let the forest continue green and long,It has become the consensus and action of Longjiangsen workers。



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