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2024-05-29        Yangguang.com

Forestry harmful creatures are "no smoke fire"。To ensure the resources and ecological safety of Longjiang Mori Gonglin District,Longjiang Mori Gong Group adheres to "prevention as first、Governance is required、Supervision is the working principle of work,Constantly establish and improve the management system for the prevention and control management system of forestry harmful biology,Modernization level of ecological governance capabilities。


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With the rise of temperature,Forestry diseases and insect pests have also begun to occur frequently,Seriously harm tree health。Longjiang Mori Gonglin District has acted in all parts,Focusing on the prevention and control of pine material width disease,Actively carry out the prevention and control of forest pest pests,Practical protection of forest resources。

"We rely on the forest long system,Actively build a grid -based responsibility system,Organized forest guards normally mountain patrol forest,so as to find out that there is no forest disease and insect phenomenon in time。"Introduction of Zhou Bo, head of the Forestry Working Terminal Station of Eight -Forest Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.。

While relying on Lin's long system to strengthen daily monitoring and information submission work,Longjiang BC gameMori Gong Group also fully uses drone technology,Use "manual inspection+drone remote sensing monitoring" method,Timely grasp the characteristics and dynamics of pests and insect pests in the forest area,Realized all -round、C three -dimensional prevention。

January 2024,To help to better adapt to the development of forestry harmful biological prevention and control in the new situation,Longjiang Mori Gong Group organized the 2024 forestry harmful biological control training,Invite relevant experts to monitor and forecast from forestry harmful creatures、Comprehensive governance、Biological prevention、Specifications to make in -depth explanation and counseling,and interact with the students in combination with actual cases,Help staff to further grasp the scientific knowledge and methods of the prevention and treatment of harmful biological prevention of forestry,Constantly improving business capabilities。


Improve the modernization of forestry harmful biological prevention and treatment

To improve the ability to quickly discover the harmful creatures of Xinfa Forestry,Timely grasp the characteristics of sudden forestry harmful biological characteristics,Since 2022,Longjiang Mori Gong Group has formed 23 forestry harmful biological prevention workstations,Use scientific means to monitor and analyze the dynamic of harmful creatures in forestry,Release the forecast in time,Guide forestry production。

2024,Longjiang Mori Gong Group from organizational management、Business work、bc game casinoInfrastructure、Supporting guarantee four aspects to refine the work standards for forestry harmful biological prevention stations。Requires companies of various forestry bureaus to establish and improve the management system for forestry harmful biological prevention and control,Further refine business standards and division of responsibilities,Strengthen file management,Census、Prevention、Publicity and other pictures、File and data binding into a book、Category storage。

Each forestry harmful biological prevention station according to requirements,Active establishment、Equipped with forestry harmful biological laboratory、Forestry Harmful Biological Specification Room、Pharmaceutical Armori、Transportation vehicles,Monitoring UAV、plant protection drone、Automatic reporting lights、Modern professional equipment such as spore capture instruments,Establish a pine material neat disease prevention and control、Forestry Harmful Biological Disaster Emergency Headquarters and Forestry Harmful Biological Prevention and Treatment Leading Group,Regular information on every month to forestry harmful biological information management platform,and upload the special census information of pine material width disease on time to the prevention and control supervision platform of pine material width disease epidemic。

Next,Longjiang Senong Group will regularly carry out training for forestry harmful biological control business,Improve business personnel census monitoring、Prevention、Professional knowledge and skills in bc game casinothe production of specimens,Organization to carry out publicity activities,Efforts to do a good job of forestry harmful biological prevention and control。


Make every effort to ensure harmful biological prevention and control operation

2024,Longjiang Mori Gong Group plans to complete 889,400 mu of forestry harmful biological conventional prevention and treatment,Harmful biological key special prevention and treatment 619,500 mu。

For the scientific development of forestry harmful biological prevention,Longjiang Mori Gong Group is vigorously promoting the use of pollution -free prevention and treatment agents,It also formulated "Longjiang Mori Gong Group 2024 Implementation Plan for Forestry Harmful Biological Prevention and Treatment",Comprehensively implement the responsibility for preventing and control,Continuously refine various workflows,Make every effort to ensure harmful biological prevention and control operation。"Plan" is clear,Longjiang Mori Gong Group will regulate monitoring、Census、Prevention and treatment operations,Strictly implement the requirements of national specifications,In Tiger、Leopard、Bear and other wild animals out of any area,Do a good job of safety protection,Avoid the beast attack incident。

In terms of medication safety,Longjiang Senong Group will give priority to biochemistry prevention、Green prevention and control measures such as physical prevention and control,Detailed grasp of the prevention and control areas and its surrounding human settlements、Water source, etc.,and combined with beekeeping、Restrictions such as aquaculture and other restrictions,7 days to 15 days before the prevention and control BC Game appwork,Broadcast、TV、Newspaper and other public media or posts announcement,Broadly announced flight time、Flying Defense Area、Flying Drugs and Precautions,To on -site notification of farmers who may affect it,Remind farmers to take precautions in advance,Make sure that production and life in the forest area is not affected。

"Future,We will also strictly follow the pharmaceutical and drug performance and storage maintenance requirements,Regularly ventilate the inventory of pharmaceutical medicine reserve libraries、Check and maintain,Do a good job of material fire prevention、moisture -proof、Anti -theft work,Do a good job of inspection and investigation,Timely discover and eliminate hidden safety hazards,Make sure the storage safety of pharmaceutical medicines。"Staff of the Ministry of Ecological Construction of Longjiang Mori Group said。

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