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The Provincial Lincao Bureau held the construction of the construction work meeting of the Longjiang Mori Institute of Industry to issue a national debt project
2024-05-27        Heilongjiang Forestry and Grassland Bureau
May 26,The Provincial Lin Cao Bureau held a promotion of the construction of the Treasury project of the Longjiang Mori issuance of the Treasury Treasury Project Construction Work Meeting,Comprehensively implement the provincial government's deployment requirements for accelerating the construction of the Treasury bond project,High -quality effect promotion of the construction of the Treasury bond project of Longjiang Mori Group。Secretary of the Party Group of the Provincial Forest Cao Bureau、Director Hou Xuli hosted the meeting and spoke。Secretary of the Party Committee of Longjiang Mori Gong Group、Chairman Zhang Guanwu attended the meeting and spoke。Member of the Party Group of the Provincial Forest Cao Bureau、Deputy Director Song Guozhong,Relevant departments responsible comrades; Longjiang Mori bc game apkGroup in charge of responsible comrades、Relevant departments responsible comrades and all project units to participate in the meeting。

,Relevant responsible comrades of Longjiang Senong Group reported the overall work of the construction of the Treasury bond project; the responsible comrades of the Forestry Bureau reported the progress of the project;、Relevant responsible comrades of Longjiang Mori Group combined with the actual situation,Post opinions on how to accelerate the construction of the issuance of the Treasury bond project。

Meeting to point out,Do a good job of the construction of the issuance of the Treasury bond project,It is a major political task to ensure the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and the major decision -making of the Party Central Committee in our province,It is a major responsibilities and mission to ensure the deployment requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and provincial government and the support of the State Forest Cao Bureau in the Longjiang Forest and Cao Industry。Last year,serious flood disasters in our province,Some forestry bureaus of Longjiang Mori Gong are seriously affected,It has brought a significant impact to the production and life of employees BC gamein the forest area,Especially some infrastructure,Destruction of severe damage。The issue of issuance of the national debt project for accelerating the reconstruction of post -disaster recovery in the forest area、Overall improvement of Mori Gong, disaster prevention and mitigation and disaster relief ability,It is important to better guarantee the safety of national ecological security and the safety of the lives and property of the people in the forest area。

Conference emphasized,Relevant units、The department must strengthen political responsibility,The construction of the issuance of the Treasury bond project as a test is firmly supported "two establishment"、Resolutely achieve the effective carrier of "two maintenance",With a strong sense of responsibility、The sense of mission will grasp this job and grasp the position。To speed up the initial approval of the project,Tender in accordance with the law,Strengthen the entire process of fund supervision。Strict implementation of the national treasury centralized payment system,Do not allocate funds for excessive progress,No other expenditure that has nothing to do with the project。To strengthen the quality management bc game casino reviewof the whole process,Strictly perform the project management procedure,Implement the "Regulations on the Management of Construction Projects" and other regulations,Strict implementation of the project legal person responsibility system、bidding bidding system、Engineering construction supervision system、Engineering construction management system of contract management system and project completion acceptance,Resolutely prevent the quality of various projects。We must do a good job of project construction safety,Tree Safety Production and Forest Fire Consciousness,Strengthen risk prevention,Make sure the project construction does not damage the ecological environment、Not caused by forest fire、No production safety accidents。To further strengthen the organizational leadership of the government bond project,Provincial Forest Cao Bureau established a special work class,Promoting special responsibility,Strictly supervise and guide project construction in strict accordance with responsibilities,Management of project、Construction progress、Construction progress、Engineering quality, etc. conduct serious bc game casinosupervision and inspection。
Conference emphasized,Adding of Treasury debt projects is a major historical opportunity to effectively solve the problems of difficulties in the forest area over the years,Relevant units must strengthen responsibility,With greater strength、Fast pace、More practical measures to promote project construction。The Provincial Forest and Grass Bureau will be with the Longjiang Mori Gong Group,Answer the same question、The same frequency resonance、Exercise in the same direction,Fully promote the implementation of the construction of the issuance of the Treasury bond project。
After the meeting,Provincial Forest Grass Bureau、Longjiang Mori Gong Group Relevant responsible comrades continue to hold an on -site office meeting of the issue of issuance of the Treasury Bonds Project。
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