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Longjiang Mori Gong Group: Strengthen the top -level design to comprehensively promote the revitalization of the forest field (office)
2024-05-22    Liu He    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

To implement the Party Central Committee、The State Council implements the strategic decision -making deployment of rural revitalization and the provincial party committee、Provincial Government Work Arrangement,Accelerate the revitalization of forest farms (priority),A few days ago,Longjiang Mori Gong Group issued the "Forest Farm (He) Revitalization Work Implementation Plan (2024 version)",Strive to implement the "demonstration leadership、Action of Hundreds of Upgrade "Action,In 2024, each Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. built 2 to 3 group -level boutique forest farms (office)。

Plan pointed out,To persist in the forest field guidance、Residents participation,Focus on improving the comfort of the living environment、Gathering of advantageous industries、Infrastructure completeness、Public service convenience,Promote all year round、Promote all year round,One game after one game,Follow a year in one year,Promote the full upgrade of the industry、Forest Farm (He) Comprehensive progress、Forest Farm (He) Career Development,Continuously enhance the bc game casino reviewsense of obtaining employees and masses、Happiness sensation、A sense of security,Lead Longjiang Senmorian Gong to comprehensively promote the work of rural revitalization in the forefront of the province。



"Plan" emphasizes,To build a modern industrial system,Promoting industrial revitalization。Focus on the development of the global development of the camp forest industry、High -quality development of forest ecological tourism health care industry、Forest Agricultural Green Development、Forest food industry gathering development、Innovation and development of the industry of Chinese medicinal materials、Forestry carbon exchange economy industry's speed up development、The integration and development of the digital economy industry、Forestry Industry Transformation and Development。At the same time,To promote the construction of a large -scale vegetable garden,Taking the forest field (in) as the basic unit,Actively explore the implementation of a unified planning layout、Unified acquisition of sales、Development mode of planting planting in division。

"Plan" emphasizes,To build a livable, livable, and Meilin field (office),Promoting ecological revitalization。It is necessary to implement the forest farmer's living environment rectification and improvement project,Reform with the toilet、Daily sewage treatment、Focus on domestic waste treatment,Promote the clean and tidy environment。To implement public basic service facilities upgrade bc game apkproject,Step in the forest field (where) water、electric、Road、News and other infrastructure and medical care facilities such as public service facilities。To implement the construction of beautiful forest field (institute) construction improvement project,Enhanced site cleaning and care,Promote the use of livestock and poultry breeding wastes on the spot and resource use,Establish and improve long -term efficiency and dimension mechanism,Realize the forest farm (place) for a long time。Implementing forest field (office) greening and landscaper improvement project,Coordinated consideration of demonstration units leading industry、Habitat environment、Ecological protection and other factors,Establish and improve the green management and protection mechanism,Effectively improve the quality of greening (in)。



"Plan" emphasizes,To prosper the forest area culture,Continue to promote the revitalization of the cultural revitalization of the forest area。Continuously cultivating a new style of civilization,Carrying out public morals、Professional ethics、Family virtue、Personal moral education and other ideological and moral education,Create a strong atmosphere。Deepen the creation of civilized units,Continuously carrying out the creation of civilized units,Actively participate in the selection of civilized units in the province。Strengthen the construction of corporate culture,The core cultural concept of "Tree Trees and Trees",Carrying out the "Linhai bc game apkStarry Sky" tree selection activity and "Shuxianglin Hai Yue Runson Industry" national reading activity。

"Plan" emphasizes,To strengthen the construction of grass -roots party organizations and cadre teams,Promote the revitalization of the organization。Strengthen the construction of party organizations for forest farms (institutes),Forest Farm (Institute) Party Branch Standardization、Standardized construction reaches 100%。Strengthen the construction of party members,Implementation of the overall optimization and improvement action of the party organization leader,Cultivate a batch of strong forest farms (institutes) party organizations and excellent forest farms (institutes) party organizations secretary。Increase training for party members and cadres,Actively carry out ideals and beliefs、The concept of the masses、Study and education in the working methods and policies and regulations of the masses,Constantly improving the cohesion of grass -roots party organizations、Battlepower。

"Plan" requirements,To strengthen the construction of the talent team of the forest area,Promote the revitalization of talents。Implementation talent introduction project,Will understand ecological management、Professional and technical talents in industrial operations are enriched to the forest field (office)。Accelerate the cultivation of talents,Hierarchical Classification Establish Forestry Bureau Company、Forest Farm (Institute) Two Talent Library,Improve the dynamic management mechanism,For key areas、Important positions urgently need to be lack of talents BC gameto establish industry -university -research cooperation training、Order -based training、"Please come in、Send the door "cultivation、Practical exercise training and other classification and layered training system。Implementing talent incentive system,From the working mechanism、Ability improvement、Training support、Training support、Service guarantee and other aspects,Improve management service、Evaluation and assessment and other institutional mechanisms,The sense of mission of inspiring talents、Honor and Innovation Vitality。

To ensure the smooth implementation of the "Plan",Longjiang Mori Gong Group strengthens top -level design,Incorporate the implementation of the implementation of the forest farm (office) revitalization strategy into the "four systems" work closed -loop management,At the same time in factor protection、Input guarantee、Policy support、Talent support、Brand construction and other aspects give strong support,Make sure to promote the efficient development of the forest field (place) to revitalize the work。

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