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2024-05-21        People's Daily Online -Heilongjiang Channel

People's Daily Harbin, May 18th (Shangcheng) May 16th to 21st,The 33rd Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Harbin Fair") was held in Harbin City。May 18,"Kazakhstan" ushered in open day,Exhibitors from home and abroad、There is an endless stream of buyers,The crowd of the exhibition site。

Mohe Aurora Mystery Gorgeous、Xing'an Rhododendron blooms branches,Enter the Daxinganling Exhibition Area,The actors of the Olecho people sing and dance,Various types of specialty foods attract Chinese and foreign merchants to stop to buy。

The reindeer in the Daxinganling Exhibition Area attracts the majority of merchants to take photos and take photos。Photo by Xu Chenglong, People's Daily Online

Organic 松 仁、dried blueberry fruits、Monkey Head、fungus ... The product section under the forest,More than 300 characteristics of each forest area、No pollution、The healthy bc game apkgreen products of the original ecology are favored by merchants。Wang Wenyuan, Vice President of the Promotion of the Daxinganling District Council, Introduction,"We have brought a berry nut for this exhibition、Edible bacteria、Specialty Agricultural Products、More than 300 names of the seven major sections such as Chinese medicine in cold land、You、Special、New Product,Multi -angle shows the brand image of Daxinganling and the achievements of the economic development of Daxinganling to domestic and foreign customers。”

Green is an advantage,Forest protection is wealth protection。Current,Daxinganling aiming at the economy of the forest、Ecological leading industries such as ecological tourism,Promoting high -quality economic development,The advantage of opening the north is fully released。


Reed River Strawberry Persimmon、Qinghe blueberry、Mountains and River White Cucumber ...,The colorful fruits and vegetables in the "wild vegetable jungle" with fog steaming attract the attention of the majority of merchants。

"Wild Vegetable Jungle" in the exhibition area BC gameof ​​Longjiang Mori Gong Group。Photo by Xu Chenglong, People's Daily Online

"Harbin Fair" period,Longjiang Mori Gong Group brought more than 100 forest products to participate in the exhibition,Surrounding forest food、Chinese medicinal materials、Tourism Kangyang、4 sections of Mori Gongcai Cultural and Creative Products,Cultural creativity、Food and other wonderful links,Multi -angle shows new achievements in the economic development under the forest。

"With these prefabricated dishes,No need to worry about breakfast every day。"Ms. Liu, a guest merchant, said,"Iron Pot Stew、Wild vegetables steamed dumplings and shepherbacterium chicken soup and other prefabricated dishes are really convenient,You can enjoy food,Also special nutrition。”

Longjiang Mori Gong Group launched the "Forest Holiday" brand prefabricated dishes at the exhibition,Better display high -quality forest resources,Promoting "Shanye vegetable buns", "Shanye vegetable steamed dumplings", "Northeast Flower Large Series Prefabricated Cuisine", "Fresh Eat Corn" and other forest products。In addition,Fang Zhenglin under the ginseng、Eight BC Game appSides Tongshech Bone、Kiyoshi Wuxi Schisandra and other Forest Gong characteristic Destiny Destiny Chinese Medicine Materials also attracts the attention of the majority of merchants。

Entering Yichun Exhibition Hall full of Xing'an Rhododendron and Birchin,The natural beauty and resource advantages of Xiaoxing Aneling are unobstructed。"Harbin Fair" period,Eight companies in Yichun City with hundreds of products with eight categories to participate,"Lin Du" boutiques and good things for colorful appearances。

The Rhododendron Sea of ​​Yichun Exhibition Hall. Photo by Xu Chenglong, People's Daily Online

Step into the sea of ​​flowers surrounded by azalea,Blueberry、Edible bacteria、Birchus juice and other Yichun characteristic forest products are dizzying。

This exhibition Yichun City focuses on highlighting the brand advantage,Exhibition to Yue Orange、Blueberry series products represented by companies such as Zhongzhi,Yichunsen Gong、Birch juice series products represented by Yu Xiao Biotechnology and other companies,and food bacteria、Honey and other Shante products,Continuous release of brand effect,Fully display Yichun ecological tourism、bc game apkThe results obtained from the economic and creative design industry of the forest。

"Now,birch juice products are very popular in the market,Due to limited yield and difficulty in collecting,birch juice is very easy to deteriorate,Limited resources make it more precious。"Chen Likun, general manager of Yichunsen Gongxian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Introduction,"Under the blessing of the new process,Birch tree juice products are on the table of more and more families,With the important platform of ‘Harbin Fair’,We will continue to spread brand culture,Let more natural green organic foods in the forest area get out of Dashan、Enter the city、Reflected value。”


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