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Ideological and political lessons in a red pine forest
2024-05-09        People's Daily

        Pine trees proudly,A vibrant -Here is the Heilongjiang Forest Botanical Garden in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province。

Early morning,Heilongjiang Ecological Engineering Vocational College of Politics and Politics Teacher Early Xiuwei,20 freshmen with the Department of Ecological Engineering,Step into the dense red pine forest,The theme of the theme of ecological civilization in the previous hall。


  ‘Planting trees on the mountain, which is equivalent to repairing the reservoir’,Who knows what this sentence means? "Standing next to a tall red pine,Chu Xiuwei opens with a sentence of farm proverb,It has aroused the interests of students。 

  "Conservation of water!" "Keep the water and soil!" ... The students scrambled to answer。

  "Yes,Just like this red pine around us,Its BC gameroot system is particularly developed,A red pine with a chest diameter of about 16 cm can store half tons of water。"The Chu Xiuwei follows the temptation,"The forest land area of ​​Heilongjiang Province exceeds 21 million hectares,Imagine,If there are no these forest land,What will happen? "

  Data one by one into line,Hook the ecological value of the trees with daily life,Students focus on listening,"Green Water and Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" concept in my heart。

  The classroom continues。How to restore the cut -off forest to lush? Following the cultivation of the forest、Forest Fire,Discussion for teachers and students。

  "We have just learned light -based seedlings,It took 4 years to cultivate red pine seedlings,The planting period is limited to half a month in spring。After using this new technology,Red pine seedlings after 2 years,Put it in a container can for 2 months to grow,and spring、Summer、Autumn in 3 seasons can be forestry。"Chu Xinying of Forestry Technology, said。

  How important is the forest fire prevention?

BC Game app"Fire prevention is the top priority,Everyone sees that the pine needle under our feet is very dry,A little Mars can ignite a forest,Destroy for decades of hard work。"Chu Xiuwei increased the tone。

  "The Zhanhe Forestry Bureau at the northern foot of Xiaoxing'an Ridge,There is a 'Caiqin Observation Tower',Watchman Zhu Caiqin is 30 years of guarding,Contributions to ecological environmental protection in the forest area in ordinary posts。In recent years,Many logging workers have transformed into a fire watchman,I also used high -tech,Open the drone to patrol the mountain,The main force of becoming an ecological environmental protection in the forest area。"Chu Xiuwei said。

Except the ecological value of the forest,Economic value is also the focus of the lesson of this lesson。"What is the main economic source of the forest area now?" Chu Xiuwei asked questions,Students with students move towards the medicinal botanical garden。

"Be a guide,Open B & B。"Wang Zijia from Mudanjiang City Answer,"We are not bc game apkfar from the tourist attractions from our family,One to winter,Special tourists。Many people open a restaurant、As a guide,Eat ‘travel rice’。”

"This is called‘ one industry with hundreds of industry ’。"Chu Xiuwei continues to expand,"'Erbin Hot' at the end of last year ',Let Harbin achieve total tourism revenue of 16.42 billion yuan during the Spring Festival holiday。What do you come from? White ice and snow、Fresh air ... It is also Jinshan Yinshan! "

"What economic value is hidden in the forest? Can you find it around us。"" Chu Xiuwei reminder。

Students are scattered,"Treasure Hunt" in the medicinal botanical garden -cultivated licorice、Nearly 200 species of medicinal plants such as astragalus。

"The fungus on the table、Zisu,Chinese medicine in the hospital can be planted under the forest。Heilongjiang Province last year's total economic output value exceeded 90 billion yuan。"Early Xiuwei Supplement。

Near get out of class,Students are surrounded by red pine,I still can't do it,Share and discussion continues。

"Today we walk into the bc game casino reviewForest Botanical Garden,I believe everyone has further understood that the forest is a 'reservoir、Qianku、Grain Library、Carbon Library '。You will engage in work related to the construction of ecological civilization in the future,better understanding、Practicing the concept of ‘green mountains and green mountains is the golden mountains and mountains”,Contribute youth for the construction of a beautiful China。"Summary of the Chu Xiuwei。

A ideological and political courses in a red pine forest,Combination of theory and reality,Let young students really feel the vivid practice of the construction of ecological civilization in my country,It has strengthened the mission of adding green to the construction of a beautiful China。


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