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[Ecological Enterprise] Recetic River: Promoting prohibited spatulas on the entire line
2024-05-06    胥 Chen    Rehe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

To effectively curb illegal planting drugs,Strengthening the source of drug planting source,Continuously realize the goal of "zero planting" and "zero yield" of the original drugs of drugs,Recent,Deploy in accordance with the Group's Party Committee,Rehe Forest Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. launched the ban on the "pull net" inspection bc game apkactivity,Strictly control the "species" link,Resolutely eliminate drugs of drugs。


According to the requirements of the embodiment of spatula poisoning,Rehe Bureau Company will re -deploy the ban on the prohibited poisoning、Promote again,Established a two -level team to check the team,Lianhe Forest Branch of the Provincial Public Security Bureau of the Provincial Forestry District went deep into the mountains on the mountains to inspect and guide the work of banning forbidden poison,Forest forests in the area、Wilderland、Field、Court to check inspection,Key to the suspected plot、Remote Land、The agricultural bc game apkand forestry binding department and various agricultural greenhouses are used for fixation、Placing、House -by -one check -out。

During the inspection process,Each unit actively explains the harm of the original plant of drugs and planting drugs to the employees and the masses,Propaganda discovery and reporting the reward measures for planting drugs planting drugs,Make the "poisoning illegal、Poison must shovel、Seed poison must be more deeply rooted in people's hearts,Formed a ban on spatula poisoning in the global scope、High -pressure situation of strict management according to law。


At the same time,Weizhuan Company also takes measures bc game apksuch as irregular "looking back" and "assault unannounced visits",Resolutely control the illegal planting of the original plants of drugs,and enhance the horizontal pull net and vertical advancement of vertical advancement through the form of "Farming Union" and "Field Village Joint",Continuous improvement of the control measures and control measures for prohibited poison。

Next step,Rehe Bureau will continue to increase the density and intensity of the investigation of drugs for drugs,Strive to rely on responsibility in compactness、Improve the management mechanism、Unblocked information channel、Investigate and control the key areas bc game casinoof key areas,Resolutely consolidate the results of the prohibited spatula poison,Efforts to create a harmonious and stable social environment for the promotion of the high -quality development of the forest economy。

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