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Longjiang Mori Group: Taking facilities agricultural training to open the "good recipe" for industrial development
2024-07-09    Wang Tianchi    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center
To further promote the development of the forest fruit and vegetable industry,Recent,Longjiang Senong Group Organization some Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. bc game casinoIndustry Department and Facilities Agricultural Management Unit,Entering the Facilities of the Gardening Engineering Center of Northeast Agricultural University、Longshan blueberry planting base、Acheng Farm Organic Fruit and Vegetable Cultivation Base,Visit through field、How to train on -site training,"Charging" for front -line staff,Help the development of facilities in the forest area。


This training,Special invitation to the facility agricultural experts of Northeast Agricultural bc game casino reviewUniversity to answer questions for students。Visit and study on the spot,All staff learned the facilities, fruits and vegetables、Open Blue Crossing Fruit、Fresh cut flowers、Cultivation technologies such as organic fruits and vegetables and product authentication、Product sales model, etc.,Management method around facilities agricultural parks、Deep processing of the product to conduct in -depth exchanges with relevant personnel of various bases。


Everyone watched all the way、Think all the way、Think all the way、BC gamePraise all the way。One after another,This on -site training is a gap in the benchmarking advanced、A vivid lesson for emancipating the mind and innovation。In future work,A good experience I learned、Good approach becomes a "golden key" that adapts to the development of your unit,Continuously promote the diversified development of facilities agriculture。


It is understood,To help the construction of the province's "vegetable basket" and "orchard" project,Longjiang Mori Gong Group actively builds BC gamestandardized fruit and vegetable greenhouses and cold dragon fruit bases,2024,Standardized vegetable greenhouses will reach 2500 buildings,Cold Dragon Fruit cultivation area reaches 50,000 mu。
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