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Longjiang Mori Gong Group: 2024 Forest resource management business capabilities improvement training class
2024-07-09    Yang Hongyu Zhan Pengyu    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center
In order to comprehensively improve the business ability of the staff of forest resource management front,According to the work deployment requirements of the "Iron Army's Workshop Construction Year" of the Party Committee of Longjiang Senwong Group,On the afternoon of July 7,Group 2024 Forest resource management business capabilities improvement training courses open at the Moriong Party School。Group Ecological BC gameSupervision Commissioner Ling Changwei attended the opening class.


This training is 4 days,Invite the State Forest Monitoring Center、Business experts from the provincial forestry and grassland bureaus,In -depth learning Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought,Deep interpretation of relevant laws and regulations such as "Forest Law", "Wetland Law" and "Wildlife Protection Law",Strengthen the forest length system、Forest Sustainable operation、Forest Cao Wet Desertification Census、Forest Supervision、Forest Forest Rights Management、Ecological supervision and other resource management business training。

This training is strictly organized in accordance with the requirements of the Iron Army Class,Require all students to BC Game appfurther unify their minds、Responsibility,Actively adapt to the new situation of the protection and development of forest resources、New Requirements,Constantly improving its own business ability,Effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission to engage in forest resource management and ecological protection work,Fully promote the group's ecological construction work to a new level。Study with questions、Concentrated energy,Realizing the Director of Learning、Learning to use what is used、Learning to have gains,Transforming learning results into real work results,Efforts to improve the quality of the work of the resource management front business and the ability to perform their duties due to their bc game casino reviewduties。To efficiently complete the annual key work task,Comprehensive improvement of the implementation of the forest long system、Resource Management、Resource Management、Question rectification、Wild animal and plant protection、Nature Protection Management、Ecological supervision and other work results,Holding quality and quantity to complete the census work of forest grass wet waste,Effectively hurry up with various tasks of ecological construction、Grasp、Grasp the results,Make a new contribution to the resource management front for building the northern ecological security barrier of the motherland。


Before the training, all the trainees also held the flag -raising ceremony.
Group Resource BC gameManagement Department,Resource Management Department of Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.、Ecological Supervision Office、Forest Tune、Nature Protection Management Institution、Group responsible comrades directly under the group and related business staff in total 102 people participated in the opening of the class。
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