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【Ecological Enterprise】 Linkou: Excited and carefully checked the "body"
2024-07-09    Chen Kunlong    Linkou Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

"The focus of vehicle maintenance is mainly to check the drive shaft、steering wheel、Whether the nuts of the brakes are tight ... "Recently,Linkou Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. organizes the BC gamebc game apkforest fire brigade to timely fire fire transport car、Roll -up machines for centralized maintenance and maintenance,Do it at all times to draw、Rush to、Winning Mori Defense Emergency Preparation。


"Want to do well in equipment maintenance,First of all, know the working principle of the equipment,Understand the specific role of each component。During the maintenance process,To remove dirt and reinstall the air filter element every week,Spark plugs for at least three months or after participating in the fire bc game casino reviewBC gameextinguishing battle once,Replace the situation as ... "In equipment maintenance,Old players explain in detail how to maintain equipment maintenance for the new team's forest firefighters。

Workers want to be good, they must first benefit their instruments.Linkou Bureau Company strictly implements the daily system of equipment maintenance and maintenance,Effective measures to formulate and maintain the use and maintenance of forest fire -extinguishing equipment,Start from the details、Grab it from the truth,bc game apkBC Game appUse "tube、Use、Check、Repair "method,Pay close attention to the daily use management and maintenance of equipment,Focusing on windproof drill、oil saw、Vehicle and other equipment for systematic maintenance and maintenance。


"For forest firefighters,Equipment is our speechless comrades,Only maintenance of equipment、Strict management、Scientific use,can ensure that the call is coming、Can fight、The victory of the battle。Next,We will be in -depth, ‘love -installed pipe’ education,bc game casinoKnow the BC Game appmaintenance knowledge and method of equipment maintenance and equipment,Prepare to protect the safety of forest resources。"Forest Forest Fire Brigade, the company of the Forestry Bureau, said.

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