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[Minsheng Building Enterprise] Eight Sides: Build a beautiful, rich and happy new forest area
2024-07-08    Jia Junru    Eight Face Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.
        In recent years,Eight Face Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. targets the continuous improvement of the happiness index of employees and the masses,Construction of the infrastructure and forest field (office) of the site address,Practicing the green development concept with practical actions,Constantly creating ecological livability、Harmony and Happiness New Forest District。

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Wide and flat road、Clean and tidy courtyard、Fruit and vegetable greenhouse with fruit aroma、Fortunately, the sea of ​​flowers and spleen ... The Guangyi Business Office of the Eight -Face Tong Bureau Company in the midsummer,​​Showing in front of people is a prosperous scene。

To promote the construction of the "garden -style" forest field (),Deployment according to the company's party committee,When the business of Guangyi is consolidating the results of the original environmental construction,Constantly promoting the standardization of environmental environment、Three -dimensional file bc game casino reviewupgrade,bc game casino reviewOrganize cadres and workers to play together,Road to the field、Green Landscapes are constantly perfected and updated。

"We planted more than 400 red pine、Water Qu Liu、Joe of 6 varieties, including weeping willow、Gas trees,Created nearly 30 acres of ‘Lighty Flower Sea’ ’‘ Forest Fruit and Vegetable Industry Project Park ’,To create a beautiful environment、Ecological livable 'Garden -style' operations laid a solid foundation。"Wei Anchun, the person in charge of the Guangyi Business Office.

Planting more trees,Add a new green。The Qiao Guanhua Crown type on both sides of the street operation office is beautiful、Clear level,The employees of the operation institute are pruning the green landscape。It is understood,This year,The Water Gully Operation Institute revolves around space landscape、The characteristics of the venue area created the party building、Culture、History and other landscapes 4 places,8000 square meters of new flowers in the residential area of ​​the residential area,The branches and finishing work of more than 3,000 extended rice trees on the roadside。

As of now,Each Forest Farm (Supreme) of the Company of the Eight -Face Tong Bureau is in accordance with the construction requirements of the "Garden" Forest Farm (Supreme) of the Party Committee bc game apkof the Group,bc game apkActively carry out environmental construction of the field area,Efforts to create "spring with flowers、Xia Yin、Autumn is fruit、Ecological livability in winter、Environmental Beauty Field District。

Relying on the advantages of resources to make bigger and stronger ecological industries

This year,Eight -Face Tong Bureau Compan,Combined with regional resource advantages,Earnestly plan the implementation of the "one bureau, one industry", "one product" industrial layout,Beauty thorn、Fruit and Vegetable、The ecological industry system dominated by the planting,The economy of the forest area is booming。

"This year,We invested and constructed 5 double -layer energy -saving fruits and vegetable greenhouses covering 5940 square meters,Planting grapes、Big Cherry、Blueberry、Apple、Peach Tree and other nearly 2,000 trees。"" Guan Qingyu, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Octoba Company of the Eight -Face Tong Bureau, introduced to reporters。


To continuously expand the scale of planting and breeding cooperatives,From Xinglin Field to actively organize the transformation and development of employees to northern medicine planting and family breeding,​​White fresh skin is planted in the whole audience、Bai Yanqin、Chi Yan Lao、Boxing、Wuxi Zi and other medicinal materials total BC gamemore than 220 acres、bc game casinoSeabuckthorn 3000 acres。At the same time,Forest Farm led farmers to build a collection incubation、Breeding、Modern family chicken farms sold in one -piece,Planning more than a thousand chickens,Effectively use the planting and breeding industry as the main way for employees to create and increase income。

In addition,In order to further extend the industry chain of the northern medicine planting industry,Eight -Face Tong Bureau Company adopts the introduction of new varieties、Establishing a cooperative、Expand the planting scale、Broaden sales channels and other measures,Cultivation of Forest Ginseng、Bed ginseng、Astragalus and other roads such as nearly 20 Chinese medicinal materials,New Northern Medicine Demonstration Park、1 place in the display park、2 places at the seedling cultivation base,Bei Pharmaceutical Industry has become a new leverage for leverage the economic development of the eight -faced forest area。

Continue to improve people's livelihood and improve happiness index

Minsheng is the foundation of the happiness of the people,Social harmony basis。Eight -Face Tong Bureau Company is accelerating the development of industrial development,Adhere to the people -centered development thought,Make every effort to improve the level of people's livelihood protection,Employees and the masses happy index rising。

BC gameTo solve the problem bc game casinoof seeking medical treatment in the forest area,Eight -faced Tonglin District Hospital actively organizes a free clinic activity,The backbone of each department's business backbone patiently and meticulously listened to the masses、Checking,Answer Health Consultation,and propose diagnosis and treatment recommendations,People who have come to participate in the free clinic are praised。

In addition,Eight -Face Tong Bureau Company also gives full play to the role of the pioneer of party members,Regularly organize party members and cadres to carry out social public welfare activities,Actively serve the community and difficult groups。Since the activity is launched,Not only improves the satisfaction and sense of gain in the forest district residents,Organic combination of party organization life with community services,Enhanced the contact between the party members and the community,Fully mobilized the enthusiasm of party members and cadres to serve the masses、Active,Created a dedication society、Good atmosphere of serving the masses。

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