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【Lin Hai Health Line】 The first free diagnosis screening patient at Mudanjiang Forestry Central Hospital was successfully cured and was hospitalized
2024-07-05    Shang Yuquan Du Zhonglei    Mudanjiang Forestry Central Hospital

"If you drag down again,The consequences are really dare not think,Thank you very much for ‘Lin Hai Health” medical examination,Let me completely solve the pain,Health is restored again。"  Recent,Tokyo City Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Ms. Meng, the resident of the reed River Forest Farm, became the first patient with the first screening of the "Forest Hai Health" free clinic of the Mudanjiang Forestry Center Hospital。

According to Ms. Meng, 69 -year -old Ms. Meng,BC gameShe discovered a block in the pelvic cavity three years ago,But at that time, only the size of the egg was egg,and not accompanied by obvious discomfort,Therefore, she did not pay enough attention,Coupled with the location of the living location is relatively long,Not convenient for medical treatment,Destroyer review。


Listening to friends,Longjiang Mori Gong Group carried out the "Linhai Health Tour" activity,No need to move into the city,You can enjoy diagnosis and treatment services for free at your doorstep,Ms. Meng immediately held the case three years ago,Go to the doctor with friends。

Member of the medical team of the tourist clinic、Mudanjiang Forestry Central Hospital Chief physician Wu Wei told reporters,Through gynecological examination and simple ultrasound detection,It is found that Ms. Meng's pelvic mass is twice BC Game appas big as three years ago,and also found a block in the opposite side,The condition cannot be delayed again,Need to perform surgery immediately,Otherwise, there will be risk of evil change。

Subsequent,Ms. Meng according to the medical team's diagnosis and treatment doctor,Come to Mudanjiang Forestry Central Hospital for hospitalization,and did laparoscopic surgery the second day of the hospitalization,Successful complete resection lesion。

"We made a perfect gynecological ultrasound and pelvic magnetic examination for Ms. Meng,Because the patient is an elderly woman,We organized a multidisciplinary consultation,I formulated a small damage for Ms. Meng、Restore fast minimally invasive surgical solution。"Du Zhonglei, Director of Gynecology, Mudanjiang Forestry Central Hospital, said。


During the postoperative care process,Medical staff bc game apkalso actively communicate with Ms. Meng,Provide psychological guidance and health guidance,Help Ms. Meng to establish confidence in defeating the disease。

After 8 days of careful treatment,Ms. Meng has successfully cured the hospital,She told reporters excitedly,"Special thanks to all medical staff,It is their hard work for the past few days,Only to make me avoid disease trouble。"

As of now,Mudanjiang Forestry Center Hospital Medical Team in the "Forest Hai Health" activity,Medical tasks of 15 forest farms of Tokyo City Company have been completed,Provides medical services for 1228 forest farms and residents。After a short break,Mudanjiang Forestry Center Hospital Medical Team will go to Chaihe Forest District,Open the second stop of "Linhai Health"。

"In the" Forest Hai Health "activity,Through the screening and treatment of a professional doctor,Many potential health BC Game appproblems in the forest areas can be discovered and solved in time,Effectively prevent further development of the disease。Next step,We will follow the deployment requirements of the group party committee 'Lin Hai Health Trip' activity,Continue to provide health services and support for more staff members of forest areas。"Mudanjiang Forestry Center Hospital Medical Team Leader、Deputy Dean Sun Chengdong said。

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