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[Industrial Wealthy Enterprise] Founder: The Skywater River drifting is passionate!
2024-07-05    Meng Xiangchun    Founder Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

On the morning of July 2,Founder Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Xiangshuihe Drifting held the first drift ceremony in 2024。The sound of the opening of the door of the doorbone,2024 Ranshui River Drifting is officially welcome。


Founder Bureau Company Xiangshuihe River Drifting BC gamewith unique scenery、exciting drift、Perfect facilities are known as "Longjiang First Drifting",It is a well -known drift brand in Heilongjiang Province。10 kilometers in length of the drifting river section,from the natural river、Three parts of artificial water canal and plastic steel slider,Water level gap 23.4 meters。The beginning of the drifting is on the banks of Longzhu Lake,Shui Bishan Qing; Drifting River Nine Que Eighteen Bends,Pan ring twists and turns、Different shades; turbulent places,wave splash,Everyone is quiet,Hurry to hit the water in the middle; when it is stable,Pingping as bc game casinomirror,Everyone is quiet,There is a pleasant comfort with a boat without trace。Enter the curvature trail passing、Artificial canal with soothing water,Light boat swing paddle,Leisurely; slide into 120 meters of plastic steel slide,Flying down,Experience is thrilling、There is a thrill of shocking no danger。Drifting in 3 hours,The scenery on both sides of the river is picturesque,Echo Valley 、Hu Xiaoyan、Buddhist Peak、Camel Peak and other scenes are intoxicated in the beauty of nature!


"Listening to a friend introduced that Xiangshui River drifting is particularly fun and comes。This drift is really fun,You can BC Game appexperience the thrill of combat,You can fight water for water,It's really too happy,Very enjoyable。Water flow stable,You can also lie in the ship to watch the strange rocks of the coast,Air fresh air,Really good。"Ms. Wu Jilin tourists said after experiencing drift。

It is understood,To enrich the experience of tourists、Improve service quality and efficiency,The River River River Drifting Reception Center is constantly improving hardware facilities,Improve the level of reception service,Currently providing luxury rooms for tourists、Standard room and other room types,Can meet more than 200 tourists at the bc game casinosame time。At the same time,The reception center also provides tourists with pure green、Original and unique farm food,Visitors who stay in the evening can stroll on the fog's lingering rivers and rivers,Wandering in the natural forest oxygen bar,Fully feel the comfort and joy of embracing nature、Starting away from the hustle and bustle of relaxation and comfort。


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